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Sunday, October 07, 2018

Free at last

10 years ago I had a tag line here about escaping from suburbia... Ten years is a long time, I had given up hope, in fact 2 years ago I moved in the wrong direction towards town. I began to think escape was impossible. Yet here I am. Who would have thought I would be living here, in the countryside, even 2 months ago. I took a leap of faith and although its a temporary home I can now know what its like to live with a field of sheep next to my back garden. I am happy, content and at peace for now. Suburbia is free at last..



Looking for Blue Sky said...

How lovely, enjoy x

Rose said...

I'm so happy for you! I've seen all the lovely photos on Facebook, but I wasn't quite sure if you had moved here. I just read your last post which confirmed what I had guessed; I hope you are well, and this is the beginning of a happy new journey in your life. I grew up in the country, yet I always yearned to be a "city girl." I never quite made that, but I've been back in the country for nearly 15 years now and love it. There's nothing quite like listening to the birds sing in the morning and watching them soar over harvested fields or seeing all the stars at night to bring peace to your soul. And in the U.S. right now, believe me, I need something to distract me from everything going on and to lift my spirits!

Suburbia said...

Yes Rose, all those things are the ones I cherish too. I hope you can find peace there it looks very difficult from where I stand here in the UK and very difficult to understand at the same time. x

Suburbia said...

Thank you Blue sky and lovely to hear from you x