Almost daily diary!

Friday, May 27, 2016


An era is drawing to an end and there are new beginnings on the horizon for all of us here.

Small Sprog had his last day of school today (apart from outstanding exams) and its feeling strange to think that, after 8 years, we will not go there again.

Tall Girl has been offered work in our new town and is very excited.

I am continuing my counselling course in September after a year off.

In a months time I will be sitting at a different table, in a different garden, things are about to change.

So why do I feel so demotivated today? And lonely? Too much time on my hands, not working, an empty bank holiday weekend- which I have always loathed.

Sunday I think it's time to start packing boxes...

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Five weeks and counting

Tall Girl arrives downstairs looking dazed and confused. She is impatient to move and isn't liking the boredom of her current job which will end when we do move in 5 weeks. It's nearly time to go to work...

"I just read that they've discovered what came first out of the chicken and the egg!"
"Oh, which one is it then?" I enquire, wondering what she's been watching in bed for the last hour or more"
"Umm, I've forgotten now!"
"And I was on the edge of my seat"
She looks puzzled.

Time is moving a bit too slowly and although the house is sold (subject to contract), the removals are booked and the packing boxes delivered, it still seems too early to pack but too near to just carry on as normal. It's a sort of limbo, which we all keep talking about but which seems to be taking ages to end. And there's the thing; it will happen. Five weeks yesterday I will be living in a new house, yet and yet, it still doesn't seem real.

So to keep me occupied and in an attempt to feel I'm at least doing something toward the moving process, I've been decluttering and doing endless runs to the charity shops. It's amazing what you find! Though we've only been here five years theres a fair amount of junk that's mounted up. Some stuff I was keeping 'just in case' and now I am thankful that that time will not come now and that I am safe and secure.

A moment ago I found some old photos, lots of the children at various stages; that always makes me reminisce though I rarely look back these days, the future is too bright. But one photo caught my eye because of the date. It was dated 18th May 2007, thats 9 years ago tomorrow, and it was of me and my ex (who I was still married to) and Small Sprog (pulling a ridiculous face) and Tall Girl (looking beautiful and amazingly grown up for 12). It was the day I graduated. We were all smiling. And as I often muse, who would have thought I'd be here now married to another man and planning another life. Nine years isn't that long is it? Who knows what the next 9 will bring - it's kind of scary. I am grateful beyond belief that the children are still with me. They have changed, grown, dare I say matured(?!)but they are still my children and I love them so.

So here I am, looking at MY house and MY garden, for they're definitely mine and that was the plan, and I feel a slight tinge of sadness at leaving them behind. They were hard fought for and things have been very good here. I shall particularly miss the garden which was just a patch of mud 5 years ago. I have filled it with gifts and cuttings all given by friends and family. When I planted them I thought I would see them mature but I won't now. I talk to them when I'm gardening and they feel like friends, I think I shall miss them more than anything.

But onwards and upwards there is so much to look forward to and be grateful for, particularly the love of my children and Big Al, who lights up my life...

"Did you eat kale before you met me" I asked him during a meal the other day.
"No" he says eating another mouthful "I thought it was somewhere in Australia"!

Happy days!

Wednesday, May 04, 2016


We're all hopping up and down with anticipation here. Well, when I say 'all' I really mean Tall Girl and I as Small Sprog can only really muster enthusiasm for web based activities. He's about to start his GCSEs (revision is scant if not non existant despite endless nagging from me), has approximately 4 weeks left at school and doesn't really have a handle on either event. However he's keen to move too; he just can't see himself in the future, and by that I mean the next 24 hours! But Tall Girl and I can and we can't wait! Big Al says he's 'howling'; being married and living apart is definitely no fun.

So in 46 days and 22 hours it will be moving day and we will leave this house and this city, there will be things we miss but the future is very bright.

In our excitement today Tall Girl (it's her day off work) and I are having a calming cup of tea. "What would you like" she says as she puts on the kettle.
"A cup of Tai Chi" I say. At which she crumples with laughter.
"I'm not sure how you get that in a cup" she giggles. Obviously I meant Chai Tea.

Our new front door.

Friday, April 15, 2016

All at sea

Small sprog is overly excited about the potential of spending 24 hours on the ferry, he's full of noise and can't keep still in the back of the car. I take a sideways look at Big Al, who is concentrating on the road ahead, and wonder if he is actually clenching his teeth.

An hour later we leave Bilbao on the horizon and meet the Bay of Biscay in a fairly angry mood - it not us!

Small Sprog loved it, he ran up and down the corridor to his room (as did I with him because it was quite fun and you couldn't feel the waves if you ran very fast) but his sister was less than happy. She found solace in a cocktail to no avail and left the restaurant early.

As I am having my first conversation with an English speaking person, that I'm not related to, for nearly 2 weeks, Small Sprog turns up behind me and taps me on the shoulder, "Mother" he's taken to calling me that of late, "Tall Girls being sick"
"I've given her the bin"
"Good thinking"

I leave the table to go and look at her! The general consensus was 'not good' but unfortunately with sea sickness, you just have to endure.

It was a rough night, the (clean) sick bags, conveniently placed by the ferry company at every 100 meters along the corridor, weren't there long. However there were a fair amount of full ones dotted in the 'Ladies' due to no one knowing the correct disposal procedure. I'm still unsure, a week later, what you actually 'do' with a full sick bag on a boat, without littering the sea with it all? And when I say full...

All in all it was a 'Nasty Business' says Big Al; his daughter was worse than mine and the bags kept coming...

Sunday, February 28, 2016

OMG I'm married!

 Yep, 2 weeks ago we had an amazing valentines weekend, everything went to plan, it was very special and packed with memories. And yet, I can't still quite believe anything has changed. Circumstances beyond our control - namely 2 children doing GCSE's this summer - meant that after the celebrations, and some time away, we both went back to our separate homes. It feels like nothing has really changed.

Yet loads has changed, my whole life has changed but yet on hold at the same time. There is still so much to do before we can be together, we have been house hunting, all very exciting, in a new town, a fresh start - who'd have thought it, at last an escape from suburbia!

So looking back to our amazing weekend the special moments were, some of them, unexpected;

On the Friday three generations went to the nail bar for some pampering! Mum has unexpectedly inherited 3 extra grandchildren, 2 being girls and she took to being in their company like a duck to water! She'd also never had a manicure before, and she took to that too. It was a very special time to all be together.

And then on the morning of our Big Day, I spent time with my wonderful daughter, decorating the room together. I hadn't put any thought into just how special that time with her would feel - I have a wonderful gift in her, my treasure. She was an angel for the whole day, she kept me incredibly calm, looked after her Granny without a second thought. I'm so proud.

Small sprog brushed up well, looked cool and made himself very popular with the the extra teenage girls that arrived in the evening! He drank cider and beer without being ill (!) now that really was a surprise!

And then there was our vows, I don't remember the last time, I'm not sure I made a conscious choice to attend to them but this time I did. I wanted to remember. And then there was the speech! I wondered why I said I'd do one, I was regretting it as it got nearer as I'm not used to public speaking, but I'm so glad I did it, it seemed to go down well - apparently not a dry eye in the house! I said what I meant and thanked my mum for all she has given up for me. And finally thanked all our 5 children for following us on this puzzling and unexpected journey for without their consent, we might not have made it this far...

Strangely my new husband and I didn't seem to spend much time together! We spread ourselves around the guests and all of a sudden it was over! 

Our time away afterwards was special though, I felt married, managed to refer to myself as 'Mrs' a few times - which took me by surprise each time! - and felt very 'loved up'

Back to reality now, but so much to look forward to.

Thought you might like some photos...

Sunday, January 24, 2016


I am sitting at the kitchen table the night after the party. Small Sprog was 16 yesterday - yep, you read it right, 16!

Out of both the children, when he was younger, I always tried to keep his parties at 'venues' due to the propensity of exuberant boys to be, well, exuberant! Whereas Tall Girl had her parties at home. Strangely, Small Sprog has always been the one who wants to bring his friends home, never ashamed of me (parents are uber embarrassing) and always happy to be open with his mates. In contrast Tall Girl rarely brings friends home. Strange really.

So years ago when we were at Soft Play for Small Sprogs birthday with 10 or more marauding boys and girls (he always has girls) little did I suspect that I'd be sitting here listening to 6 teenagers running around upstairs, worrying about the ceiling withstanding the chaos that ensues!

This is no toddler party, oh no, it's a full on 24 hour teen sleepover! Give me strength! I had full instructions to be out of the house, so feeling homeless I found stuff to do from yesterday lunchtime, coming home briefly to cook pizza before leaving again until bedtime.

I'm relieved to say the house is still, mostly, in one piece. The teens have slept - all in the sitting room in what looks like a ragged heap of airbeds and sleeping bags. I have been used as a human shield - nerf guns still seem 'de rigeur' at 16 - by one of his semi naked mates. It wasn't a highlight I can tell you, in fact that's why I'm here in the kitchen (hiding) - that was a step too far for me on a Sunday morning!

A mass of bacon and egg sarnies have been made and devoured, along with Bucks Fizz because they forgot to drink the champagne last night.And I am thankful, so very thankful, for this house full of noise and laughter. I have saved it to my memory hard drive, because one day he will truly grow up - rather than be this 'halfling'. There will be serious stuff and other people to spend his special day with. The door closes slowly, I can see him leaving, but not yet. I am not the most important person in his life anymore, not like when he was small and at his soft play party. And that's how it should be, others have and will continue to take my place - it's been a blast Hazz. Happy 16th Birthday x

Sunday, December 20, 2015

I'm not really sure where I've been!

Its nearly Christmas and it doesn't seem that many years since Small Sprog was buzzing about with excitement singing wall to wall Christmas jingles and having asthma attacks!

So where is he today, I hear you ask (if anyone's still there?!) Well he's online - he had a good role model in me but he takes it to the limit! The songs are gone and Christmas may have lost it's sparkle - it's difficult to tell with a teenager- but I can see 'my boy' in there and I love him to bits! His voice has 3 different variants; screechy, normal and 'big man'. When the 'big man' voice comes out Tall Girl and I, for a split second, assume a stranger has entered the house! It's a great voice, I love it, I just wish he could do it all of the time! The screechy voice of past Christmas excitement is on it's way out and although I mourn it's passing, it's also a blessing - it always gave me a headache!

It is our last Christmas here in suburbia- in this house. And as I say it I worry that I may jinx something and that all our plans may fall away and I will be left with nothing but dreams. Oddly Facebook reminds me how things change in ways we rarely expect - memories pop up to haunt me there, both mine and my partners daughters. Today she had a memory from 5 years ago; a picture of her and her sister, 5 years younger, the age our youngest are now. Then another photo from 3 years ago when they were in NY - before I even knew they existed - spending Christmas abroad because it was there first without their mother. My own memories are lame in comparison but remind me that when I moved in here, things were very different and you never can know the future.

This year has been amazing - I am getting married on Valentines weekend - yet the lows have been very low, I lost my job, and it's been difficult to write here for sometime. What a year, and that's what I mean, who would have thought, this time last year, that all that would have happened?

In my head I worry that I will lose the ones I love before I have time to enjoy them to the full. Perhaps you have the same thoughts?

Yesterday we 'did Christmas' with Mum. As we arrived she was decorating the Christmas cake, I made her a cup of tea, she had a sherry in one hand and insisted on trying Small Sprogs cider in the other - somethings always make me smile! Surprisingly the cake came out ok and we had a good time there despite it being a week early. We have had an uneasy relationship this year, Mum and I, culminating with me having 'the conversation' with her about my abusive step father (with help from my counsellor) the conversation I never thought I'd be able to have, and it's brought things to the fore for her. I don't regret it but I wish we could change things - yet you can never change the past - we can only look to the future and hope...

Thursday, October 08, 2015

October already

I've had a lot of time at home recently and I've been so lucky that, until this week, the weather's been beautiful. And then today, again, the rain stopped and I got out into the garden to do the rest of the jobs that were on my to do list - things to keep myself busy.

It's been wonderful to have this time. I am trying hard to practise gratefulness and live in the moment. So today, after 'chopping' some things in the garden, I took some time to sit down with a mug of tea and a magazine outside in the sun. In the shade it was chilly but the sun still has some strength and I basked in its rays. In the field, behind the house, I can hear the starlings; they gather this time of year after feasting on the Rowan berries and sit in groups and on the electric wires and 'chirrup' softly. It's a beautiful noise, gentle and low, like they're whispering 'sweet nothings' to each other. I remember the noise from childhood, I can't remember where I would have been, maybe my granny's garden, but it sooths me and makes me grateful to be alive.

I sit for a while and listen to their music. I drink the cold water that I have as well as my tea, it tastes cold and clean and fresh and I am so very grateful to be drinking it now, when it's hot and I have the head space to appreciate it.

I am keeping busy but time has slowed a little. I'm trying to make the most of it and be thankful. It seems to be working.

Monday, October 05, 2015

Honestly, you couldn't make this stuff up!

'Jonathan has a new girlfriend' Says Tall Girl to Mum, making conversation 'she comes from Catalonia' she continues
'Oh' says Mum 'What colour is she?'
'What?' I shout dismayed
'Well I'm not sure where Catalonia is' Mum replied without flinching

When we're home I recount the tale to Small Sprog who is disgusted with grannies apparent racism. He's not the only one!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

What Luverly Curls!

Small Sprog has been off school - he does a good 'dying duck' act and I'm never sure how ill he really is! Anyway, after 4 days off with a weekend in between I decide enough's enough and make a doctors appointment for him. In the car he suddenly looks a lot better- after a short talk - can you actually look ill because I've blagged my way into a same day appointment- we arrive.

We are 3 minutes late so the automatic, germ infested, self signer- inner directs us to a human being on reception- a very nice older lady - who can book us in. "Name?" She enquired "Small Sprog" I say as suddenly she looks up from her screen and sees him for the first time; "Ooo what lovely hair" she exclaims "people would die for those curls!" He shuffles a bit and looks at his feet as she continues " If only my hair was like that"

We walk into the waiting room and sit down. Small Sprog hates the waiting room. He hates the doctors and has a mortal fear of needles and health related implements. He fidgets uncomfortably.

For once the room is not packed with bodies, just a few older ladies who all seem to know each other. They home in on Small Sprog...

"Ooo 'asn't 'e got luverly 'air" says one

"Beautiful" says another

"So much off it" interjects the third

"And so curly"

They talk about him like he's not in the room as Small Sprog gets smaller and smaller, shrinking into his seat. "Can we go now?" he stage whispers whilst smiling politely at them. He learned to smile sweetly at a very young age- it always works wonders and invariably gets him out of most sticky situations- unfortunately a grin at this instant wasn't one of those situations!

"And what luverly teeth!" One of them continues

"Ooo 'e's lucky 'e is!"

" 'e reminds me of that pop star"

"Oh yes " says the other "Marc somebody?"

"Bowland" I say helpfully

"That's the one, spitting image ..."

Oh no, I think to myself, please don't try to hug him or pet him or anything because I think he will just combust!

"Such lovely weather we're having" I interject, trying to divert their attention.

"Oh yes" they all nod as the doctor appears at the waiting room door. He rockets out of his seat so fast it's hard to catch him- I don't think he's ever been so keen to see a doctor in his whole life!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Knickers or no knickers? Definitely knickers is the answer!

I went to see Mum in hospital today. I have to say she's looking much brighter and the anaesthetic seems to be almost out of her system. Last Friday watching her was quite disturbing. It was as though someone kept pressing the 'standby' button on a remote control somewhere; every now and then she'd 'power down' for a few seconds, close her eyes and seemingly go to sleep, then wake again with very little idea of what had just been said. She was on Morphine too, which possibly didn't help and something was making her sick.

Roll forward a few days and she's much more like herself. They have her out of bed now and she's sitting in a chair with her legs up. This, to me, looks much like the position she is in in bed but there you go, I'm no nurse, and it's given her something to think about.

As I approach she says she didn't know I was coming - she had forgotten - and she looked as if she didn't have her bottom teeth in. In fact I'm sure of it, though she did have some lipstick remains. She was wearing a fairly short nightie and had an icepack on her knee.

'Dad's taken my washing' she stated
'You said he didn't know how to work the machine' I replied. (How could a man of 81 who is pretty handy at mending most things not be able to work a washing machine?)
'Well I think he did'
'I'll have a look' - she had forgotten that I offered to take her washing home with me- 'Here it is' I say, brandishing a clear plastic bag containing another nighty 'is that it?'
'Oh yes' she says proudly 'I'm still not wearing any knickers!'
'Well, mum, they are very short nightie's and I really think you should wear some' I say, having been facing her -  chair to chair for a while!
'We're all girls in here you know' she shouts blithely, as I insist 'I still think you should start wearing knickers'
In contrast I am wearing, what I hope is, a stern look!

Please can I grow old gracefully Lord?!

Monday, September 14, 2015


How long should I expect my mother to 'mother'? Am I being unreasonable? I mean, should mothers give up when you get married, have children, buy your own house? I don't know the answer.

Having been though counselling as part of my year long counselling course she has been the topic of a few sessions - apparently that's common, we mothers are tricky beings who mess up their kids lives, some of us even unintentionally.

So I am wiser than I was this time last year. I know why I feel abandoned when she doesn't listen, dismisses what's going on in my life, can only see things from her point of view and when she seems to be the centre of her own universe. Funny that last one; as an only child I thought that was my perogative! 

I rang her tonight. I have something big and not at all good going on in my life ( thankfully not health related - more work orientated) which I've not told her yet as I wanted to see her face to face to tell her but seeing as I've also had food poisoning, so I'm feeling pretty rubbish and haven't made it over for a visit I decided not to tell her on the phone. But she asks a question to which I had to answer " I think it's better if I tell you when I see you" - it was water off a ducks back, she picked nothing up - like she didn't really hear ( I wanted some small concern at least- if she'd pushed me I'd have told her anyway as I'm so upset about it) and she continued to regale me with tales of woe about getting to grips with her new phone! It's all about her I thought - unfairly perhaps?

She's booked in for a knee replacement on Thursday, which has been postponed several times, I know she's in a state about going in to hospital but as it's been on the cards for so long now it's made her wish it was all over and that seems to be a good thing as 'getting it over with' is superseding the panic about dying in hospital! I wanted to see her before she went in but in case I'm contagious ( could be a bug) she's cancelled my visit.

Over the months I've tried to reassure her about the op, I've done my best, I've given advice - adamantly rejected, and tried to suggest how to relax -'don't tell me what to do' responses. So I'm definitely done with mothering her! But is it so wrong to want her to ask about me, care about me and see I have stuff going on too? For goodness sake we all have 'stuff' going on! And even though I know why I feel abandoned when she doesn't listen to what I say, it still hurts and I'm left with that feeling for a long time.

And even as I write this I remember no one is immortal ...

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


"What would happen if this finger was cut off?" Says Tall Girl pointing to her wedding ring finger. I give her the sort of look I would have given Small Sprog if he had asked me the same question - which, to be honest, would have been more likely!
"Or your whole arm?"  (I roll my eyes out loud!)  "How would people tell you're engaged?"

She's referring to my recent 'news'. I was romantically proposed to 2 weeks ago under the stars in Portugal. I have a ring on my finger - I can hardly believe it and I'm ridiculously excited. The children - we have 5 between us - are all happy and seem to have already formed good bonds between each other. I could not ask for more. 

In my head it's been on the cards for a while and he - shall we call him Big A - says he's been going to ask for ages but couldn't quite get up the courage. I have to say, before we traveled at the beginning of August, I had the thought that if he didn't ask me this week then he'd never ask me! So I didn't have to think about it when it happened I had already made up my mind. There was a point in recent times when I couldn't imagine giving up my independence for anyone but now, I have barely given it a second thought.

There are some things that feel 'just right' when you come across them in life and since we met it has felt this way. We have loads of plans to make but nothing is clear yet. This weekend the children  (can you call them that when they are all over 15 - more than 3 are adults?!) and us are having a planning meeting. This could well be dangerous! In the end I'd marry him in Asda car park tomorrow - there is no need for anything big but it could easily get out of hand...Watch this space!

What's your news from the summer?

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

In which Small Sprog goes dress shopping

'I'm meeting friends' he says nonchalantly 'can you give me a lift to town - we're going dress shopping' he throws in as he wanders off up the hall.
'Hang on a minute' I call as he disappears ' you don't like shopping - and' I suddenly thought ' I've never seen you in a dress!' though to be honest, nothing would shock me with that boy!

Later it transpires that he's meeting two girls from his group of friends. 'But you hate shopping' whine Tall Girl and myself churlishly in the car on the way into town, 'you never go shopping with us' - our voices all hurt.
He smiles his winning smile and waltzes off into Broadmead without a care in the world.

Give it half an hour, I think to myself, and he'll be calling up for a lift home again. But no; three hours later I get a call, can you come and pick us all up and can the girls come back to our house.

By Sunday he was complaining that his arms ached. 'What have you been doing?' I asked suspiciously.
'I carried all the bags' he bleated. Oh bless him, so chivalrous.
It turns out he spent the whole three hours in Primark - I think he needs a medal for that alone - and some of that was in the bra department. He goes on to recite to me how womens bra sizes work - how he thought I had got through my life not knowing this is anyones guess but I play along and off he goes with the whole messy business.. 'Well they start at triple A and then go to double A and then just A and...' His sister walks through the door..
'That's batteries isn't it?'! she asks
Sometimes I just have to keep calm and carry on!