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Monday, June 07, 2010

Monday Morning

'Have you got your bus ticket?' I ask Tall Girl as she left for school this morning.
'Yep' Monosyllabic, she doesn't 'do' mornings!
'Dinner money?'
She nods, eyes rolling.

We head for the front door. I like to stand at the door for a while once she's left and watch her disappear around the bend in the road. If there is no one much about, I hazard a last 'goodbye', half stage whispered so as not to embarrass her. All is peaceful and right with the world...

Less than 10 minutes later I hear the phone ring downstairs. I have just turned on the shower for Small Sprog and so leave him there, with washing instructions, while I run down to answer it. It is Tall Girl, she is at the bus stop and can't find her ticket. Can I bring it to her before the school bus comes?

I panic! I have one lovely child in the shower who needs me to be here, and another equally lovely one who needs me a short car journey away."Quick" I half scream at Small Sprog "We need to get to the bus stop. Can I wrap you in a towel and take you like that?"
"No way" He retorts. Well, I guess he is 10 now, even if he still can't work the shower controls!
"OK, you get out and dry REALLY quickly then"

Meanwhile I am running about the house looking for the said ticket. It is not where she said she'd left it. Bum! I ring her back
"It's ok" She says non-plussed "I'll just pay him tomorrow, anyway I can see the bus coming now!"

I put the phone down and sigh. My 'everything is right with the world' feeling has totally disappeared.
"It's OK Small Sprog" I shout out "Panic over"
He appears, completely dressed and ready for the day. Perhaps I should try that trick more often? He can take ages sometimes.

Before I leave for work I tidy the bedrooms a little. I am fairly pleased that Tall Girl has made an effort to make her bed, though it still looks like someone is asleep in it. I pick up the corner of the duvet to straighten it. Her bus ticket is underneath, gently put to bed for the day with 'Larry' her bedtime lamb (I know she's 13 now!)

Bless her, I can here you mutter. Bless her? You just wait until she gets home!

Never a dull moment in suburbia


hulla said...

Sounds like a morning in our house. the kids were watching outnumbered with us last night and chortling in recognition lol.

Steve said...

Ah - nothing beats the chaos of dealing with 2 kids in the mornings and also trying to organize yourself to boot!

Chic Mama said...

They like to keep us on our toes don't they. ;0) x

saz said...

whoa..such is our life huh?

love the new banner too sub..

thinking of you as ususal!!

sax x

Maggie May said...

Most days in our house are like that..... scaled down to younger years.
I have never known mornings so chaotic.

Maggie x

Nuts in May

Rose said...

Sounds all so familiar, though those days are long behind me. I often wonder how I ever got four children out the door and myself off to work! Of course, there was the time I found myself at school with two different shoes on:)

Brett said...

great post

Furtheron said...

We all have stuff like that... the mornings at ours are chaos at the moment. We have a well oiled routine with the three of us... suddenly the lanky long haired one is back - normally no issue as he'll surface long after I've gone, normally after his sisters left for the bus but normally just before Mrs F leaves... however he is now a "trainee teacher" and has to get up and going. 6:30 this morning was not a pretty sight! :-)

nick said...

Moral: bus tickets should sleep in your bag and not with Larry the Lamb....

Carol said...

LOL....I remember doing something very similar when I was going to school on the poor Mum!!

(at least you found the ticket)

C x

Rob-bear said...

Been there; done that.

Reminds me of The Carpenters: "Rainy Days and Mondays Always Get Me Down."

Jennysmith said...

Mornings are never simple, are they? xxx

the eternal worrier is: said...

The header has changed! Nice subliminal touch. I love that idea. xx

Lakeland Jo said...

sounds very like the lost and then found IPOD saga in our house, and the pre exam lost maths set episode. Teenagers and kids eh?

Letty - A Little Girl With A Curl said...

I used to dislike those chaotic mornings, but sometimes, now, I miss them!

Have a good weekend, Letty xxxxx

who is not a good blogger just lately - I have been lucky enough to get an Allotment, last year, and have been very busy playing at being Felicity Kendall, ha ha!

Green Jeannie said...

meant to say, I like your new header very much!

Anil P said...

Must wish tickets had life so they could scream if left behind on monday mornings :-)

That's some adventure (fun too) each schoolday morning.

Wanderlust Scarlett said...


These stories will make you smile wonderfully and wistfully someday, when they are grown and gone.


Scarlett & Viaggiatore