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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cute isn't he!

Defeated by the weather again today we decided to go to the movies. I booked on line -I love that you can do that so easily and then just walk straight in past all the people queueing in the rain. I needn't have felt smug about that today though.

The film started at 4.10. Husband started fussing about getting ready around 3.30 (only 10 minute drive to the cinema).
I hate being early.
'Do we need to go already?'
'I thought you wanted to get popcorn on the way'
I'd forgotten about that.

By 3.45 we were all loaded in the car. Off we went to the cinema via the local shops. The Butterkist popcorn from the Co-op tastes so much better than the stuff they sell in the cinema foyer and it turns out Husband wants to take his dry cleaning to the place next door.

By the time I have bought the food Husband is just emerging from the cleaners and we walk back to the car together, where the children are waiting. No sooner do we shut the car door and put on our seat belts than Small Sprog chirps up from the back 'I think I need a poo!'
Tall Girl follows with 'So do I!'
'Oh for goodness sake!'Husband explodes. We have driven all of 2 miles and they already need the toilet.
'It's OK' I sooth 'Sometimes you just don't know when you're going to need to 'go' do you?'
Husband smoldered ' Well can you wait until you get there?'
I am thinking 'Not if I can help it, those toilets are a health hazard!' but I say (very calmly!) 'Let's just turn around and go home, there's plenty of time.'

As we pull into the drive the clock on the dash says 3.56
Small Sprog makes a run for it, Tall Girl in hot pursuit shouting 'Bagsey I 'go' downstairs!'

Time moves on.
Small Sprog can poo for England, I swear sometimes more comes out than goes in in the first place!

4.08 and bowels emptied we start again, in silence! Husband has also had a wee (didn't he 'go' before we came out?!) and I'm thinking 'We might just make it before the adverts finish'

When we arrive the queue of people are warm and dry and happily seated inside. There were only our seats the very front. Husband shot me a look, muttered something about getting here earlier and settled down to watch the screen above! I got the impression that being late was my fault!

The film was fun and Small Sprog giggled through a lot of it. Tall Girl was in charge of the popcorn, which was a big mistake! And, of course, we all have neck ache.

On the way home Small Sprog asked if his very back teeth would ever wobble and fall out like some of his front ones. I said I didn't think so, and that is why we need to brush them so well. He looks disappointed. I ask him why he wants to lose his back teeth.
'They're so big' He replied 'They must be worth at least £2 each '!! The tooth fairy cometh.

PS. I wonder when he'll get the idea to sell other body parts?!


Jon M said...

Sitting at the very front is compulsory. We are always late for the cinema too and we don't buy our Butterkist from the piccies (too expensive)! Will have to get along and see that one!

Rose said...

Ahem, well I'm usually the one making us late. . . I hate being late for the movies, but I don't like sitting through 20 minutes of advertisements either.

Love your D post! Is this your dog? He looks a little like Liz' George, doesn't he? I didn't do a D post today, though I thought about "dead dahlia," which is the only dahlia I have right now:)

Ohmigosh, I don't want to be offensive, but you should be the word verification for me: "wwsht." I'll let you think about that one..

hullabrouhaha said...

Sounds like a normal family day out to me lol. We take our own food into the cinema too. In fact, I go one step further and cook up popcorn from the health food store. I think that's what Spiralskies would call keen but mental lol.


Suburbia said...

Jon, Wall-e was a great film even 'up close'!

Rose the dog is my mums and very soppy! Dead Dahlia would have been very original!!

Hulla you are just showing off now, all that homey mummy cooking thing! (does cooking popcorn count as real cooking?!):)

Mean Mom said...

Such a familiar story - youngsters needing the loo, a few minutes after you have left home, or even a few minutes after they've just been! Why do a lot of husband's have no sympathy with that? Mine was just the same.

Like your dog photos. Looking back at older posts - sorry you had to cut your holiday a little short. Some of my relations moved to Cornwall, last year. Their first summer has been a bit dismal, on the whole. Good to catch up with you again!

BS5 Blogger said...

This is the great sort of Suburban caper we have missed these last days. Welcome back indeed!

Did you enjoy Wall-E? Was Sigourney Weaver audible?

Rashi said...

alls well as long as u watched the movie...:)

Elizabeth said...

Very funny and typical outing to the movies. Yes, loos in movie theaters pretty scary!
Sorry Cornwall was wet, I'm afraid it sometimes is.
When I was a teenager we went to small picturesque cottage between Fowey and Lostwithiel.
We crammed 10 people into it.
One loo. Fine when sunny.Disaster when wet. No TV.
You children must DOTE on the dog.

Akelamalu said...

You just knew it would be all your fault didn't you?

Glad you all enjoyed the movie even if you did get neck ache!

I've seen the adverts for that film and I fancy it myself.

Working mum said...

You saw the whole film didn't you? In what my daughter considers the best seats in the house? What's his problem? He he he!

Casdok said...


Brett said...

Read this earlier but had no time to comment, really put a smile on my face, thanks

Dori said...

Front row isn't soooo bad--unless it's IMAX. I did that once. I had the baby pram and didn't realize I could have sat at the very top and back with the wheelchairs.
Theaters here get a little touchy about taking in your own food--which is why that's about the only time I carry a bag large enough to sneak in snacks! I know--I'm married to a police officer and everything! :D

Maggie May said...

I took granddaughters to see Wall E too. I have never seen them look so rapt & keep so quiet!

Elizabeth said...

I thought I left a comment he other day,
O well this was such a fun typical scenario.
what fun having a family is!

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

So funny!
Glad you all got to the theatre and enjoyed it.
Pity about the front row, though.


Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Hammer said...

I liked wall e.

My kids pee before we leave the house wheter they want to or not.

It's scary sending them into the women's bathroom.e I can't go with them and make em stop goofing around.

ChrisB said...

This made me smile because I always drag the family to the cinema way too early because I want to avoid the front seats at all costs (even if it means sitting through the ads). When we went to see Wall.e we were the first in and sat right at the back dead centre. My young grandson thought it was great fun. At the moment it's all things wall.e!

MissKris said...

I so seldom go to the movies but here in America I think you'd still get in trouble if you brought your own snacks in with you from the 'outside'. Otherwise, they can't charge you an arm and a leg for their crummy popcorn and watered-down soda, ha!

Suburbia said...

Hi Mran Mon, missed you , where have you been?!

BS5, not being a film buff, I didn't know your friend Sig W was voice over. But film was good, would like to see it again in focus!!

Hi Rashi, thanks for visiting

Hi Elizabeth , yes they do dote on her and she loves it!

Hi Working mum, the best seats?!!

Casdok , he thinks £2 but that is not what he acctually gets! I wonder what else he thinks he can do to raise money?!

Hi Brett, glad to oblige! :)

Hi Dori, the large bag is a bit sneaky then! No one notices here if you 'bring your own' :)

Maggie, did you enjoy it too?

Hi Scarlett, thanks.

Hammer, my kids do that too, but then they want to go again!

Hii Chris, you did well to get such a good position! I think I need to see it again, in focus this time!

Misskris, yep, we can get away with it here!