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Monday, August 25, 2008

A Little Light Dusting.

Husband decided to shift a long overdue item from our bedroom chest this morning. By the time I had come out of the shower it was gone and so was he. I mentioned it to him at breakfast;
"Are you taking it down to the tip"
"Not today. I dusted though."
"Yes, there was a big patch of dust underneath" He said
I hadn't smelt any polish or seen a duster but I must admit the top of the chest was clean enough. All this was going through my head and my face must have been giving away my thoughts because he said "I didn't use polish"
"Or a duster" He hesitated "I used my pants!"
Yep you heard (read) it right first time...His pants.
I gave him a look!

Eeeww. Men!


Dori said...

Ah, husbands. They use pants for dusting, the shirt they just took off for handkerchiefs, lukewarm water for washing up dishes, and all other manner of things that allow me to exercise my eye rolls! But I'm ever so grateful for someone else dusting and washing dishes so I say nothing--except for the eye rolls. :D

MissKris said...

My Dear Hubby has a den in the basement that I do not touch. I refuse to touch it. And, up until a few months ago, it was a mess. Bows and arrows and hunting gear and exercise equipment and boots and caps and...well, you get the picture. I dunno what possessed him but he decided to clean it. And has kept it clean ever since. Sometimes as I pass by the door on my way to the laundry, I stand in the doorway and drink it all in. And he is ever so pleased with himself. Every week or so he'll ask me, "Did you ever think I'd keep it clean this long?" NO!!!! Hahaha!

Rose said...

Well, give him credit for trying anyway! Next time maybe he could spray his pants with polish first:)

Thanks for your comments on my last post; I left you a reply but forgot to answer your question about my "book." I'm still on page one...

Hammer said...

I use anything handy including my dirty socks...I figure I'm going to wash them anyway.

lucy said...

hahahaaaa he knows you well!!!! so cute :)

BS5 Blogger said...

Top skills to your practical husband! Great bloke skills shown.

McBöbø said...


No, really, and …?

We just do one tiny bit of multi tasking and then get slammed for it.

You use dirty pants because they're dirty already. You wouldn't use clean pants, because that would make them dirty. Obvious really.

Brett said...

Is it just me or was there nothing wrong in that post.

Suburbia said...

OK it's a man thing. I get it now. This post has brought out the male solidarity that I knew was lurking somewhere around here!

Hammer,Bobo BS5 and Brett I bow to your manly knowledge of how these things are done on the far side. Do you think he thinks I use my pants for the rest of the housework?!

Lucy, not cute. Never cute!!

Rose that's a great idea :) I wonder what else he does though? That's worrying.

Misskris at least he didn't expect you to tidy it.

Dori, shirts for handkerchiefs!! I have not had the pleasure of experiencing that one, lol :)

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

LOL...very funny!! you not men..nought hilarious about them!! At least it crossed his mind....I went intot he bathroom today after a man, a 13 yr old boy and a 16yr old (going on 22!) daughter all had showers...l had blitzed the room yesterday and now, it was like a barbers floor after a haircut.. eek yeouw!!
somethings wrong somewhere, libbers in the 60's gave us the power to do what?? do more on top of what we do anyway!! and men...they just do their thing!!

bah humbug!! you can tell the mood l'm in...gotta go off to the vets....sigh!!

saz x

ps. do these word verification thingy's make you laugh sometimes, this one is
axe!!! ok!! fwd!!

very apt...nuff said...

Akelamalu said...

Mmmm it's definitely a man thing!

Suburbia said...

Hi FFF, That bathroom thing sounds familiar. I sugested to Husband (after 12 years of marriage) that he sloose down the shower after he got out (there was bits of bush in it yesterday after he'd been in the shower) and he looked at me as though I was speaking a foreign language!!

Vets? Nothing too dreadful I hope.

Akelamalu, what does yours use?!

Liz said...

Oh yuck!! I mean ... why?

this is my patch said...

Let's hope the pants were half way on their journey to the wash bin! x

ChrisB said...

That could have so happened in this house LOL

Savvy Mode SG said...

i think men mean well sometimes but sometimes i don't know what bf is thinking. i think men and women just think differently.

cheshire wife said...

I think that we have use clean old pants as rags, but not dirty ones.

gaz said...

been there - done that... :-]