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Monday, August 18, 2008

Back to reality

So what do you do when you get back from two weeks holiday, it's a wet day, and there's no food in the house? You do the dreaded Supermarket run. With the children I can hear you shriek! No, thankfully. However when you get there you try to remember how quiet it was in the countryside. You try not to think too hard about the farmers field, the stream, the fact that you were on a beach this time two weeks ago or that reality really is this. Here. Now. You try to remember what you ate when you had a 'real' kitchen to cook in instead of a just campfire.

You mooch about a bit, realising that the best bit about being there is the fact that the children and Husband are somewhere else! (Well we have been together for a whole two weeks) Then you bump into Mother of Two Boys! A friendly face in a sea of zombied humanity, hunting and gathering from the cold metal shelves and chilly freezers.

You exchange wet holiday stories, of which there are many this summer. She too has just got back from her holiday, it is a wet day and there is no food in the house. She has just bumped into Domestic Goddess Mother, another good friend who has just returned from holiday, it's a wet day and there's no food in the house!

Had everyone in the supermarket just returned from their holidays? Damn, it was busy for a Monday.

Later, Mother of Two Boys came around for a chat and tea. It wasn't until then that I realised how few people I'd had a proper conversation with recently. We exchanged Husband episodes and chatted about the Channel 4 vagina programme last night. Eeewww! My brother in Law texted me yesterday to ask if I could tape it for him. He is having a wet holiday with no TV too! I think he was expecting something less medical and perhaps a little more titillating. He will be disappointed! Still, it gave us something to laugh about.


Rose said...

A little family togetherness can go a long way, can't it? I don't mind the grocery shopping, but I am beginning to hate cooking. One of my favorite parts of a vacation (holiday) is eating food that someone else has cooked for me!
Hmmm, I missed that TV program. I can think of other parts I'd rather spend money on for plastic surgery:)

Hammer said...

When I come back from vacation I like the house to be already clean and have some basics in the freezer because it's so tough to get motivated.

Denise said...


Home delivery is wonderful.
Shopping without the politics!

(Well, yes i know the politics of the supermarkets etc etc.... but do you get my rift?)

Anonymous said...

Shopping after a holiday is always a nightmare - but at least you had no kids with you!
It's always strange when you see people you know in the supermarket - makes it such a nicer experience....

Trolleys at dawn....


Brett said...

Missed that and no sky plus, great to have you back.

BS5 Blogger said...

Every bloke in England who tuned in tuned in for the titillation and not the medical ethics! I was going to tune in but watched something else instead and then went to bed! I bet it was awash with right on women!

Plenty of rain here in my part of Bristol today. Good running weather but not much else!

Akelamalu said...

LOL the supermarket run was the first thing we had to do when we got back off holiday too! Sure we had a freezer full of food but no bread, milk, butter you know the basics!

Suburbia said...

Rose, I agree about the cooking. I have begun to hate it too. When you get back from holiday it takes a while to realise that it has to be done!

Hammer, you sound very domesticated! Husband gets cross when I try to get the house clean just before we go on holiday, he says he can't see the point! I love to come home to a clean house. Yep, and the freezer is always full but what about the fresh stuff?!

Denise, I sort of can't get to grips with home delivery, I need to go and see it and touch it etc!Supermarket politics, well yes that's another matter which I can feel guilty about.

Peter, yes, doing it with friends is great!!

Brett, you can get it online but I have to say, you probably wouldn't want to!

BS5, you should have watched it! It turned Husbands stomach so he had to go to bed!!

Akelamalu, thats the trouble, it's all the fresh stuff you need to get. Should go to the local shop I guess.

cheshire wife said...

Supermarkets are always busy on a Monday. Tuesday is the quiet day.

Lynn said...

I knew there was something I meant to watch last night!!

Just popped in to say Hi and thanks for commenting.Not got time to read in depth now but will come back to get to know you a little better.XX

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I've enjoyed reading yours.
I hate doing the weekly shop - mostly because every time we go I want the pink donuts with speckly bits, but my boyfriend is having none of it...(I'm an only child too). And because everything costs soo much!
A programme about vaginal surgery -that would make my day in the office more interesting. Maybe I should ask on speaker phone if anyone else here saw it...:-)