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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Almost advent

School uniform on the bedroom floor. Scattered. It's only 4pm. Perhaps Small Sprog has been abducted by aliens? Perhaps he has not drunk enough at school and has turned to dust in an instant? But no, what's that I hear? My boy SHOUTING on Skype. Honestly he really doesn't need an internet connection, they could hear him in outer space with the amount of racket he makes on there.

I dutifully tidy his clothes and go downstairs. 'Why are you in your pyjamas already?' I mouth to him in case we are overheard by his gang of virtual friends.
'I feel Christmassy' he replies in a stage whisper.
This makes me smile. 'Me too' I say, though I have no idea why wearing your PJs as soon as you get home from school should make you feel Christmassy, he has never done this before!

However I know what he means. Little bits of Christmas have started to creep into the house. The advent calendar, which was sewn for me as a child, has been found - quite easily this year, which was surprising as last year Christmas was over by the time I had located it's whereabouts! The Christmas tea cosy has made an appearance and the Christmas mugs are out and about too. And then there's the abundance of mulled wine to be consumed and the festive candle that is alight most evenings (but that has more to do with masking the smell of a 17.5 year  old cat and his 'habits'!) Internet shopping has been undertaken and I am getting into the spirit of things. It's all quite exciting really!

This week I am on a new regime of making a massive effort to be more relaxed, I think it's working? The Nytol helps and the breathing exercises too. We have had TV dinners in front of films for 3 nights in a row now and that definitely takes my mind off things! There's nothing better than 'slobbing' about with my lovely children to help me relax and we do it so rarely - it really is a treat.

So forgive me if Christmas is coming a bit too early in suburbia? I know some of you will think it's too soon, but it's something to aim for, prepare for and enjoy - it diverts my anxiousness into excitement, which, when I think about it, can feel quite similar! However, I must admit that, unlike Small Sprog, I don't actually need to wear my pyjamas to get in to the spirit!

What makes you feel festive?


Maggie May said...

Well,,,,,, it is a bit early but if it makes you all as happy as that, then go for it.
I got out the basket of Christmas cards today and made a new list. Was a bit sad to see that 3 people have died since last year but there was one birth in the family.

I intend to put in little notes in the Christmas cards that have to be posted within the first couple of weeks in December and I will d a few each day to relieve the pressure later on.
I won't be getting decorations out yet though.

Glad the Nytol is working. That's brilliant. I must get some as I don't sleep at all well lately.

I am also in my pyjamas after an early shower. I do this quite often as I don't go out much at night and its cosy. So, SS is right by saying that.
Maggie x

Nuts in May

Rob-bear said...

Strange behaviour by SS. But if Christmas is celebrated in the early morning, doing it in one's pyjamas is probably just fine. Hence the Sprog's situation.

Sorry to hear of the Nytol and massive effort at relaxation. I won't go into details.

Blessings and Bear hugs!

Steve said...

Must admit we put the tree up last Sunday and have all but finished our Christmas shopping. We're now on the countdown to start the advent calendars this weekend... Christmas seems to have come early this year!

Fi from Four Paws and Whiskers said...

Its hard on this side of the world because it is light all evening, and it is the Xmas lights that help me feel like Xmas... bit shocked how early the decorations are going up in peoples homes. I feel guilty !

I start Carol rehearsals for Christmas Eve function soon - that will help :)

Fi from Four Paws and Whiskers said...

I feel so guilty that I haven't even thought about it yet... but then it is summer here and the lights aren't visible.

Maybe next week. I start rehearsals for Xmas Eve carols!

Furtheron said...

I think the tree will be going up early this year - normally Mrs F holds out until after the first week of advent but timing is difficult this year with other things so it may go up earlier - daughter-of-Furtheron will be happy.

So that does it the tree going up normally with cheesy christmas songs on Spotify that has become a recent "must have"...

Christmas eve - watch Muppet Christmas Carol - a total have-to-do-this-every-year then cook the turkey

I did look at the teacozy but £30!!! Sorry now I'm part time that seems an expense too far :-)

Akelamalu said...

I'm definitely feeling Christmassy - all shopping done (apart from food, presents wrapped, cards written and ready to post. Just need to do the ritual cleaning of the ornaments and put the tree and decorations up maybe next week and that's me ready!

nick said...

I think it's mainly the food that makes me feel festive. I love mince pies and Christmas pud and Christmas cake. Not turkey though as I'm vegetarian.

Never heard of getting in the Xmas spirit by wearing pyjamas! Wouldn't wearing a big white beard be more appropriate?

Glad you're feeling less anxious. As someone who is perpetually anxious for no good reason, I totally sympathise.

Liz Hinds said...

Husband's birthday is 1 December so we have to wait for that before we can start Christmas. Then the mugs and the music and tea cosy come out!

I rather like SS's idea though - but already I am in pjs way before the day is over.

Rose said...

Christmas music helps to get me in the spirit, although I must admit I don't really feel very Christmassy until about a week before. I know a few people who have had their tree up for a few weeks already, and I spotted some outdoor lights up last week. Somehow it doesn't seem right to start thinking of Christmas before December!

Glad the Nytol is working!

Saz said...

enjoy as much and as early as you can....before long, the sprogs will have sprung...
Patrick has called from america and he is travelling so decided not to come home for xmas...big girl is doing whatever young big girls do, prob at her fathers house...and I will toast you all with a large glass of gordon or jack!!
happy happy days x x x
breathe saz xx

DD's Diary said...

Love the snowflakes, so clever! Christmas can't come early enough in my book :)