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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mrs Dean

‘So have you written that book yet?’ She asked, eyes wide open.
‘Ha!’ I laughed
‘Well, you have the time now’
‘Yes, but I can only write when things are in turmoil, now every thing's calmed down, I’ve lost the inspiration. Besides, life’s all a bit boring now!’
‘Boring? ‘She gave me a look.
‘I know, I know! Not boring, not boring at all’ I smile, slightly ashamed

She understands. Not boring, boring was sharing your life with someone who had lost the will to enjoy life itself. Boring was only having sex once in a ‘Blue Moon’.  Boring was making dinner every night for years on end in a loveless marriage, keeping home, ironing, washing, making packed lunches....No, not boring, just stable now.

There was an acceptance, an acknowledgement between us. I watched her face, surveyed her demeanour. We had known each other for, how long? It must have been 20 years now. Goodness was it really that long since I had moved in for 2 weeks and stayed for 6 months. Was it really that long since she was fussing about having blooming polyanthus in the garden in December?

She must have been 15 years my senior, possibly more, but she didn’t look much different from the first time I’d met her, maybe a little thicker at the waist, but then who wasn’t once one had passed what used to be called ‘Middle Age’. ( What were those pills that people used to buy for the over 40’s when I was a teenager? I can remember Mum buying some to give as a ‘tongue in cheek’ present. I was innocent then, I had wondered what they were for but was vaguely aware of some sort of adult giggling, and there was the – awful - thought that they, or the giving of them, might contain some sort of sexual connotations. Heaven forbid!)

She was beautiful in an assured way, her hair the colour of golden corn, her skin pale and freckled like a child after a day on the beach. There were lines, when I looked carefully, around her eyes, the smiling sort. And her mouth, those lines that smokers get from pursing up their lips for a drag, were just beginning to appear.

She had lost two husbands in her life, both through illlness rather than carelessness. She had owned two naughty dogs, had had two beautiful children. She was now living in two homes, her own, that I had once lived in with her and the house that she shared with her lover...


Steve said...

She sounds a great person to know and an even better person to have as a friend.

Maggie May said...

trying to remember those pills.... but all I can remember is Philisan for the over forties! That was in a bottle.
Hope you are enjoying yourself now. I can't believe you are bored!
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Suburbia said...

I'm not bored Maggie, honestly, just a wrong turn of phrase! Happily settled is the word I should have used.

Philisan! That was the name! I'm sure they were perfectly innocent but at 16 I was never sure! Probably need some myself now!

nick said...

Life's a bit boring? So what happened to Significant Other? I guess it takes a while to get used to not being in constant conflict with another person. The new calmness can seem to be lacking something.

I thought for a moment you meant purple hearts! They would certainly fortify the over forties!

Suburbia said...

S.O. Is just fine Nick, and in no way boring!

Tattie Weasle said...

Writing does require a certain amount of stimulation. Sometimes when life goes too smoothly there is nothing to say. Loved this post...

Casdok said...

Happily settled - sounds bliss :)

Akelamalu said...

She sounds like a wonderful person and definitely someone one would want as a friend. :)

I think that stuff for the over
40's was Philosan, I've every needed it. ;)

Furtheron said...

there are some people who leave indelible footprints on our lives. There are some in my life that have done that to me.

I was once given a fantastic compliment by a man who sadly (through accident) is no longer with us. He said to me in all sincerity and fully sober one day "You know I'm a better person simply through having known you" I was and still am bowled over at that - probably the highest compliment ever given to me.

Just trying to work out if my life is stable or boring? ... :-)

To finish... WRITE THE BOOK!

Liz said...

She sounds great.

Get writing: you have a lovely turn of phrase.

BS5 Blogger said...

Delighted for stability and a lack of moons blue ;-) xx

Reasons said...

Happy you are more settled. Know what you mean about it not being good fodder to write though!!

Rose said...

Do sit down and write, Suburbia! This was a wonderful description of Mrs. Dean...I'd love to know more about her.