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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A nice quiet afternoon in the Mother dept.

It's not often I get to see Mum without the children, so as they're away with their Dad at the moment I thought I'd pop up for the day, she's always good for some entertainment and today was no exception.

She has a mouse, they have called it Micky, for want of a more original name I'm sure, living in a hole in the garden wall. As we sat about on the patio he made an appearance. He was very cute indeed and sat eating the seed they had provided, very obligingly, while we looked on. Then came another Micky. "Oh!" says Mum. "There's two! I hope they're both boys"
"You're hoping for gay mice?!" I mutter through my chocolate slice
"Of course!" She exclaims, "Else we might get an outbreak!"
"Well I'm sure they will have had babies at least once by now" I gloat "There's probably hundreds in that hole! And what if they get in the garage?" I carry on "I suppose you'll snap their little heads off with a mouse trap if they get in there?"
I suddenly realised I might have gone too far with that statement. We kept watching the two mice, in silence.

I just hope that the poor little things are sensible enough to come out one at a time in the future and then she can go on thinking there's only one Micky, with the occasional visit from his 'chum' over the hedge"

Later on when we were ensconced in front of the news on the TV she announced whole heartedly that she had a solution for all the rioting that's been going on. "I know what they should do to them" 
"What's that then Mum?" I replied
"Cut off all their hoods, that would stop them, and stop selling hoodies in the shops too!"
If only David Cameron had asked her earlier...


Maggie May said...

I reckon thats a brilliant idea. Cutting off their hoods.

Hope the mice aren't looking for a way in.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Linda said...

Sounds like a valid point to me. :)

Rob-bear said...

Right! Mum for Prime Minister! (Couldn't do any worse than Mr. Cameron, could she? Of course not.)
And about those mice. Is she going to end up cutting of their headies, regardless of their sexual orientation? Just wondering.
BTW, are you working? Which job? Do hope you have a decent income.

BS5 Blogger said...

Gay mice and rioting. Nice post.

Steve said...

I'm sure the mice are a metaphor for the hoodies. Maybe we just need to stop feeding them?


Furtheron said...

I own at least two hoodies... I've never looted anything. Am I the exception that proves the rule?

You can get the humane mouse traps if you get an outbreak - used them in my garage once, smooth peanut butter is the best lure to get them in we found. I then had to walk about a mile up the road to the nearest woods with a carrier bag with them in still in the traps to release them under the watchful gaze of my then 11 year old daughter who was convinced I was just going to smack 'em over the head and dump them in a bin

nick said...

Ooh, you don't want gay mice. Once a year thousands of them will take over the garden for their annual Gay Pride March. And they'll demand huge quantities of cheese.

Cameron has in fact said it should be illegal for anyone to cover their face in public. Not a bad idea.

cheshire wife said...

I have thought that a ban on hoods would be a good idea but it would be too difficult to police.

Anonymous said...

I have a hoody but have never been out looting int it. I wonder if it goes off after dark, breaking into shops and stealing DVD players. An army of body-less hoodies roaming the streets! I think your mum has a valid idea -they should cut something off the looters!

Rose said...

I hope for your Mum's sake that these two mice are gay partners:)

I've been out of the loop the last two weeks with no internet and little TV, so I don't know all the particulars about what went on in London, but a ban on hoodies sounds like a good idea. Sounds like quite an interesting visit with your Mum!

Liz said...

I do love your mum.