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Monday, November 14, 2011

The Floozy!

Small Sprog brings his Girl Friend home. She is sweet and pretty and well mannered but goodness me is she full on?! By the time I had fed them dinner I was ready for a break; Tall Girl was at the kitchen table trying to complete homework and I just wanted some peace while I cleared up the dishes.
"Why don't you go and watch TV and I'll bring your pudding in a minute?" I asked. They agreed to go, phew!

However, 10 minutes later, when I appear at the sitting room door with 2 banana splits (and that is a fitting desert now I come to think of it) there she is, sitting as close to him as she can get with her arms all around him. Yes, can you believe it? He is sitting on the sofa wedged against the arm of the chair and she is cuddled up as close as she can get without actually sitting on him, the floozy. Good Catholic Girl indeed! They shuffle apart as I walk in to distribute pud.

Back in the kitchen I shut the door behind me giggling and explode "She's snogging him!" to Tall Girl. She looks at me disapprovingly  "You'll have to go in there in a minute" I say pleadingly "And play Gooseberry for a while, I'm not having them doing that in there, he's not even 12 yet!"

And indeed he's not. He seems very nonchalant about the whole girl friend thing, it seems to have just 'happened' to him without any effort on his part. However she seems more than intense. I am slightly worried. I have a little talk to him about being careful, in more ways than one. He is now the one wearing the look of disapproval.


Steve said...

Always better to be the heartbreaker than the one with the broken heart...

Anonymous said...

Haha, its terrible to be a parent watching your kids growing up. I'm sure he'll get fed up with her soon.

Maggie May said...

Oh dear...... it seems to be the girls (at that age) who are the *eggers on*. Don't blame you for wanting T G to chaperone him!
I suppose you're only young once!
Maggie X

Nuts in May

nick said...

I think you're right to be a little worried. She does seem to be very uninhibited and SS seems to be rather easy-going and compliant. But then again, kids can be more sensible than you credit them for.

Furtheron said...


Very early - in infants school!!! this girl "threw" herself at my son and they were close for a few months, but in the end it petered out. Still see her Mum and brother around she is long gone to uni or somewhere and a distant memory.

The whole dealing with your kids having "relationships" is a major nightmare isn't it! My daughter is 16 in a few weeks and has this long term relationship with the young lad who is off at Army training college. Sadly I remember that I met her mother when she was 16!!! Frightening!

(Just re-read that - to qualify my Mrs wasn't frightening at 16 OOPS! - I meant history repeating and realising that my little girl isn't a little girl any more... also that despite my knocking on the door of 50 I probably feel more like the teenager I was then than a grown responsible adult!)

Rose said...

Oh my, and they're only 11?? I think you may be in for many more years of dealing with "intense" girls chasing after Small Sprog. Be thankful that you got to meet her and they're at your house, though. When my boys started dating, I never met the girls until they were "serious."

Rob-bear said...

More excitement than a soap opera.

That Sprog is going to be an interesting person to have in your house.

Or so it seems.

Liz said...

Snogging at 11? oh dear. She sounds like the archetypal 'good girl' who's anything but.