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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Answers on a postcard please?

'He's carrying a gun around' Tall Girl observes
'I know, he's been doing it all weekend.' I say, sighing.
'I wasn't here at the weekend'
'I know, you haven't had to put up with him shooting at will!'
'So why is he carrying a gun around?'
'He's a boy!'

Small Sprog has been rummaging in his toy cupboard. Amongst other things he has found his old elastic band gun. He has been brandishing it about for days and has an uncanny knack of looking quite professional with it - until you remember it is only loaded with elastic bands, phew!

All weekend there have been lots of little trails of blue elastic bands left around the house, if they'd have been red it would have been the Postman leaving them about, but they are definitely blue, so it must be Small Sprog! Well, that's a relief in  itself I suppose!

Several times I have been caught unawares, on entering a room, only to be shot at or at the very least be threatened! His gun is to hand at all times, he likes the satisfying click of the trigger. Right now it is on his bedside table, fully loaded, ready for action as he lies next to it, appearing to be asleep!

So, back to Tall Girls question; why is he carrying a gun around? The older he gets, the less I understand...answers on a postcard please?


nick said...

I wish I knew why boys (and men) have this craving for guns. I never had it when I was a kid. I don't believe it's merely genetic. It must also result from the relentless media and movie portrayals of gun-toting male role-models. As long as he doesn't get a taste for bullets rather than elastic bands....

Looking for Blue Sky said...

They say that often boys and girls have a thing about guns - I always remember a terrifying programme from the US that interviewed parents and their pre-school children separately. The parents were asked about their (real) guns and they said that the children didn't even know they had them. The children all knew about guns, were interested in them, knew where their parents kept them and had a pretty good idea how to use them! It's unbelievable. And that's years ago...

It must be a power thing I think ..

Furtheron said...

It is just another phase it'll pass.

Ours went through an explosions phase diet coke and mints, baking soda and vinegar etc. Finally his A level Chemistry teacher had him making black powder for some civil war re-enactment group!! It has (mostly) calmed down now he is an adult.

Steve said...

The archetypal hunter - gatherer is emerging. Buy him a Ray Mears guidebook and let him loose in the local park. You will never have to shop for food again.

Rose said...

I wish I knew what it is with boys and guns. One son and daughter-in-law have forbidden toy guns in their home, yet if the grandsons find an old one in the toybox here, they immediately start playing cowboys with it. As long it's only a rubber band gun, I don't think you have anything to worry about.

Crystal Jigsaw said...

Lol, he obviously wants to be a soldier?

Maybe you should take him to that paint balling where they shoot each other with paint. It's great fun!

CJ x

Maggie May said...

Its in the genes I think. If they don't have a gun then a little boy picks up a stick and turns it into one.
Though why a boy of S S's age carries one around is anyone's guess. They just like the feel of them I suppose.
Its fun shooting elastic bands at people!
Maggie x

Starnitesky said...

Boys will be boys! I hope the job is going well.

Dicky Carter said...

Hi Sub, I'm still around. Good to see your family is well.

Will be back soon.

Rob-bear said...

Something strange must have clicked in his head. As long as it's bands not bullets, I think you (and the community) are fairly safe.

Hope work is going well.

Blessings and Bear hugs!

Liz said...

As you say, he's a boy.