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Thursday, August 29, 2013

It's a Miracle!

Small Sprogs feet have grown! It's a miracle! Small Sprog has had the same size feet for near on 2  years. His sisters feet have grown all of her life, to the point where clown shoes almost became a reality. But Small Sprogs feet just refused to grow; I was close to taking him to the doctor about it, but yay, all of a sudden they have become one and a half sizes bigger, no less!

We did the hideous 'Back to School' shopping trip yesterday and a new pair of shoes was called for, but not just one pair, this means trainers, casual shoes, football boots, rugby boots and wellies! Great.

Last night Tall Girl and I were talking excitedly. She passed all her GCSE's -except 1- with C and above. She has done so well and I'm really proud of her. It was a relief too! She is looking forward to going into 6th form - the first time in her life that she has ever wanted to go back to school.

Anyway, we were talking excitedly and then Tall Girl said "He's got a moustache too" She was referring to his 'bum-fluff' which is quite pronounced
"I know" I whispered as he was within earshot, yet totally absorbed in his on-line game -he has never wanted to grow up you see.
"He's actually growing a moustache!" She repeats incredulously, and then she adds "So am I"!!!
"I've got some bleach I can give you for that" I mumble retreating from the conversation...


Saz said...

oh Sub, those were the days....i can recall the same convo'
luv u
saz x

Furtheron said...

I hope tall girl likes 6th form sadly that's not been the case for us long story but she only has one more year now.

I remember my terrible moustaches!

Steve said...

6th form is definitely the moment when school becomes almost enjoyable... it takes Uni for it to really get good!

Working Mum said...

Wow! GCSEs, sixth form, where does the time go? Hope she settles in quckly and enjoys her A levels.

(I escaped the back to school shoe trip, hubby did that one - my nine year old has size 5 feet!)

Rob-bear said...

Ah, change; the universal constant. But it seems change in a good way. For SS, new rugby boots. (Glad he's playing a real man's game!)

And congratulations to Tall Girl on her academic success!

Once again, life settles to the dull roar of school routine.

Blessings and Bear hugs.

Carol said...

Hahaha...sorry that last comment made me roar with laughter! I remember being really worried about that too at her age!

Yay to small boys feet growing but boo to having to buy lots of new shoes!

C x

Rose said...

Oh my, what happened to "little" Small Sprog? You'll have to change his name now:) I noticed a few weeks ago that my oldest grandson is now taller than I am (he's 13)!

Congratulations to Tall Girl on her achievements--well done!

Maggie May said...

Congrats to Tall Girl on her exam success.You must be well pleased.

One of my granddaughters doesn't seem to have grown in height of foot length for a couple of years. She might do a *Small Sprog* thing before too long and shock us all.
Good to see you back.
Maggie x

sNuts in May

Looking for Blue Sky said...

So congrats all round, well almost! Hope the new school year is good for you all xx

Liz said...

The good thing about ageing is that most of moustache hairs are now white ...

Well done to TG and SS on his increasing foot size!

Lucy Campbell said...

Ha ha - they all do grow in the end! Lx