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Monday, August 05, 2013

Hello World!

Hello world! Yes, I am still here and so are Small Sprog - now not quite so small as he was - and Tall Girl - who is taller than me but I don't admit it in her presence! And here we are below just to prove our existence!

Small Sprog has reached his teens and embraced it with gusto. No more washing, if he can help it, and not a lot of talking either, just the occasional grunt when presented with food or drink! How sad, no really it is, my lovely little monster has gone all quiet on me. I am told they get over it eventually; I really hope so.

However sometimes we have moments of clarity when I can actually have a conversation with him...

Recently I was offered an interview (not a new job but promotion in my current position). We were in the car and I thought I'd mention the upcoming event.

"Small Sprog" I said "I've got an interview at the end of this week, what do you think I should wear?" He looked at me as thought I'd just dropped out of the sky and said almost without thought
"A clown suit....and the shoes that go with it...and the squirty flower"
"That would impress them" I reply.

I take my eyes off the road and sneak a quick look at him. I see that beautiful cheeky-boy smile grinning out from his overgrown curly, brown fringe and I know that my lovely boy is still in there somewhere, even though he might just take a little while to reboot!

Needless to say I didn't actually take his advice, though it was tempting, and luckily I did get the promotion I need to keep this house and home together. The job starts in September; I am currently in the calm before the storm...



Rose said...

How wonderful to see you posting again! Just this morning I was thinking of you and wondering if you might come back to blogging. I enjoy your photos on Facebook, which are fabulous, by the way, but it's not the same as "hearing" your voice through these vignettes. Teenage boys don't talk much, as I recall:)

Congratulations on the promotion! And how nice to see a photo of the three of you--what a lovely family you have!

Fi from Four Paws and Whiskers said...

Agree with all Rose says above - miss your posts. I miss Saz too - cant get over how much has happened in all our lives in the last few years

Looking for Blue Sky said...

Beautiful picture, great news about the promotion and sympathies from another teenage boy Mum (well he's 12, but clearly a teen in his head) and so glad you're back as I couldn't seem to connect with you on Facebook xx

Maggie May said...

Wonderful to see you again and congratulations on that promotion.
Great to see your photo.
Hope you are having a happy time this Summer Holiday. Are you looking for Gromits?
Maggie x

Nuts in May

nick said...

Good to see you back! Congratulations on the promotion. So Small Sprog is conforming to the obligatory teenage-boy grunt-and-stare syndrome. Oh well, as you say, he'll grow out of it (get bored with it?) eventually. Or decide he wants to train as a clown.

Steve said...

You've been missed - nice to see you back. Congratulations on the job, the teen and Tall Girl's tallness!

Letty - A Little Girl With A Curl said...

Serendipity! I haven't been on my blog for an age, and suddenly today I decided to have a looky look! And clicked on yours, as I always enjoy reading your updates, and there you all are also in glorious technicolor! And you all look just how I imagined. Both my boys went through the "grunting" stage with added monosyllabic phases. But they do come out of it, I can assure you. Congrats on your promotion too. Much love Letty xxxx

Letty - A Little Girl With A Curl said...

I know you are Suburbia, my last comment read a bit odd, I meant it was serendipity to read your blog today!!

Suburbia said...

Hello all you lovely people! I'm so very glad that you are all still here and thank you so much for your wonderful welcome back, I have missed you.

Letty, I understood your comment and thanks so much.

Steve, thanks a lot on all counts.

Nick, maybe the latter! Thanks again.

Hi Maggie, Tall Girl is desperate to Gromit hunt but it has either been too hot or too wet! Therefore we've only seen one or two. As always the holiday is going far too quickly!

I wonder why Facebook wouldn't connect Looking for bluesky? However my feed is mostly all photos for a picture a day 2013 project, so not any news there!. Hope all is well with you? I will visit soon...and thanks for your reassuring comment!

Rose, thanks so very much. I often think of you too. Especially when I'm in my garden. Take care my friend

Rob-bear said...

So glad you are back! As you understand, I was getting a bit worried.

Congratulations on the promotion. You didn't tell us what the new newer job entails, but, no matter. As long as it doesn't interfere too much with your photography and blogging.

Wonderful picture of the three of you! Now I know from whom the youngsters get their good looks.

Blessings and Bear hugs!
Bears Noting
Life in the Urban Forest (poetry)

Furtheron said...

Congrats to you on the job...

Small Sprog will return, my son had a few moments in the teenage years but now is the same boy who wanted to do a Time Team dig across the garden. Ok so he may not have become an archaeologist but he is off to study the magnetosphere of Saturn with the guy who is reputedly the world authority on this stuff.

Akelamalu said...

Hello! Congratulations on the promotion. Love the photo of you all.

Liz said...

He might be buried under hormones but he's still there!

Good news about the promotion and lovely to see a photo of you all! x

Dikcy Carter said...

You all look so happy in the photo :)