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Monday, September 21, 2015

Knickers or no knickers? Definitely knickers is the answer!

I went to see Mum in hospital today. I have to say she's looking much brighter and the anaesthetic seems to be almost out of her system. Last Friday watching her was quite disturbing. It was as though someone kept pressing the 'standby' button on a remote control somewhere; every now and then she'd 'power down' for a few seconds, close her eyes and seemingly go to sleep, then wake again with very little idea of what had just been said. She was on Morphine too, which possibly didn't help and something was making her sick.

Roll forward a few days and she's much more like herself. They have her out of bed now and she's sitting in a chair with her legs up. This, to me, looks much like the position she is in in bed but there you go, I'm no nurse, and it's given her something to think about.

As I approach she says she didn't know I was coming - she had forgotten - and she looked as if she didn't have her bottom teeth in. In fact I'm sure of it, though she did have some lipstick remains. She was wearing a fairly short nightie and had an icepack on her knee.

'Dad's taken my washing' she stated
'You said he didn't know how to work the machine' I replied. (How could a man of 81 who is pretty handy at mending most things not be able to work a washing machine?)
'Well I think he did'
'I'll have a look' - she had forgotten that I offered to take her washing home with me- 'Here it is' I say, brandishing a clear plastic bag containing another nighty 'is that it?'
'Oh yes' she says proudly 'I'm still not wearing any knickers!'
'Well, mum, they are very short nightie's and I really think you should wear some' I say, having been facing her -  chair to chair for a while!
'We're all girls in here you know' she shouts blithely, as I insist 'I still think you should start wearing knickers'
In contrast I am wearing, what I hope is, a stern look!

Please can I grow old gracefully Lord?!


nick said...

No knickers? Whatever next? One must always be respectable in a public place, whatever one's circumstances. One doesn't want to look like one of the lower orders.

People can behave very strangely coming off an anaesthetic. They hardly know if they're coming or going sometimes.

I hope your work situation has improved, by the way.

Suburbia said...

Hi Nick - not really, in fact it couldn't be worse but that's probably news for another day way into the future. Thanks for asking though :-)

Looking for Blue Sky said...

So sorry to hear about the work situation and I'd say you're worried about your Mum too, hope she gets properly back to herself soon xx

Katharine A said...

Just found your blog. A great post about hard times. Love the way you find humour & joy in situations. Hope your mum makes a good recovery.

Maggie May said...

Definitely should keep knickers on & think pyjamas are more apt for a hospital!
Glad your Mum is getting back to normal. During bouts of illness, all modestly seems to go and drugs do change temperament.
Hope it all gets back to normal soon.

Yes..... its very possible for men of that age not to be able to turn a washing machine on or even know which nob to go to.
Believe me...... from one who knows....
Maggie x

Suburbia said...

Thank you Blue Sky

Suburbia said...

Lovely to see you Katherine and thanks so much for commenting- so many old blogging mates don't write now, it's really nice to meet someone new :-)

Suburbia said...

Thanks Maggie- that made me laugh!
Her mood has worsened if anything but she's home now so time will tell- currently I'm feeling very wounded but something she said on the phone to me today; silly isn't it?

Liz Hinds said...

Not at all silly to be wounded by her words, Sub. The saying about sticks and stones etc is rubbish!

I guess she's struggling to convalesce while seeing things 'not done properly'. I hope she improves soon. (and that your job situation is resolved.)

Rose said...

How I can relate to this, Suburbia! My mother's been having health problems, too, and has been in and out of the hospital and nursing homes for a couple of months. She certainly isn't as modest as she once was, either. But it's true about older men--I had to show my 90-year-old Dad how to use the washing machine, but he didn't really trust my instructions. He read the whole manual first!