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Friday, September 19, 2008

The onset of addiction?!

We opened the last bottle of wine in the house tonight. Not a very notable event usually. However Husband is away tomorrow until Wednesday night, which leaves me in a wine free environment for at least half a week! It seems odd to drink alone, perhaps I should abstain, but it is the weekend. I mentioned to Husband that it was the last bottle.

"You'll have to go to get some more tomorrow then" He said
"But that means I'm just buying it for myself" I replied
" So?"
"Well that's what old men that sit on benches in graveyards do" I sniffed.
"I don't think they're drinking wine" He retorted
"Well it's the same principle isn't it?"I grumbled
However I do have some girl friends coming over while he's away! I guess I can buy wine for that and open it 'early' can't I?!!
I know the picture has nothing to do with wine but I drew it on a rare sunny day while we were on holiday. The day was a little like today weather wise, it feels ages since we've seen a summery day.
On a different note, earlier this week I was luckily enough to receive a new award from Saz at Fat, Frumpy and Fifty. I love this award and have displayed it with pride all week!! Thank you so much Saz.

As with all awards there are certain rules to follow:
1. Link to the giver
2. Nominate up to seven (oops...) other fab blogs and link to them
3. Leave messages announcing their rise to greatness.
note - You may have been given this already, so that means you are a GREAT blogger
I would like to award this to the following fellow bloggers who are my daily reads no matter what, and cheer me up on a daily basis (I can't award it back to you Saz but that's you too):

and BS5 Thanks,


Maggie May said...

Drinking on your own........ oh dear! Enjoy it!

Working mum said...

Never have qualms about wine buying. I buy cases of the stuff just for me. Like the L'Oreal advert, I deserve it!

Kitty said...

Congratulations on the award, and that is a fab drawing!

Just get the wine - who gives a toss what anyone thinks?


Dori said...

Given our opnposite schedules in this house--we often find ourselves drinking alone! But if I'm enjoying a glass of wine (as I am now) while chatting here, does that still constitute "alone"?

Rose said...

Enjoy yourself while you have some "alone" time, but drinking wine with your girlfriends sounds even better! I just spent the evening with a group of dear old friends (well, I don't mean old exactly); there is no better way to have a good time!

Thank you so much for the award. I'd pass it back to you, if I could:) I may not pass it on, if it's ok, because several of those I would send it to don't like to get awards, but I will probably display it on my sidebar. You know I always enjoy everything you write; if I'm not here, it's because I am gone (rarely!) or my computer has crashed (which it did). I've come to think of you as a great blogging friend, Suburbia. Have a glass of wine for me!

Akelamalu said...

I know what you mean about drinking on your own, it always seems a little sad somehow doesn't it?

Congrats on the award. :)

Suburbia said...

Thanks Kitty, Dori Akelamalu Working Mum and Maggie, I'm not alone now!!Ooops, just one more glass:)

Rose, Thank you so much for your kind words. I wish we were closer in distance.
It's hard passing on awards as it is difficult to know who wants them and who doesn't and I really don't mind about you not passing them. Glad you like it though!