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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mum's the word!

Next week I'm starting a pilates class. It's not the sort of thing I do normally. I like to run, but communal fitness stuff isn't really me. However the osteopath recommended that I go and I always (!) do as I'm told so I'm going to give it a try. I would try anything at the moment!!

Husband thinks it's hilarious! He is calling it my Prattees class! Hmm.

Mum called today for the afternoon. She's off to France this weekend for a week (and Husbands off to London for nearly a week) and she wanted to see us before she went. (Nothing like being totally abandoned!)

Now the nights are drawing in she gets a little edgy about going home. She doesn't like driving in the dark, which means that by November coming for the afternoon will not be a very long visit!! Anyway, she decided not to stay for our evening meal, which is eaten about 6pm to accommodate children. 'It doesn't get dark until 8' I said, but she insisted that it's dark by 7pm. I think she is referring to 'dusk' but anyway I didn't argue.

Meal preparations were almost complete this evening, and she was still here.

'Would you like to eat with us mum?' I hinted 'There's enough'

'No, I'll go home in a minute'

Dinner was ready. I could delay no longer. 'I bet as soon as it's on the plate she'll decide to go' I thought. Yep!

Plates on the table and children's hands washed and ready to eat. Mum decides to go. ' Bye!' She says cheerily as the dinner steams on hot plates at the table.

The children are torn. Small Sprog wants his dinner hot but also wants to say goodbye to his beloved granny! What a dilemma. I am seething! The food is on the table. Our nice calm and quite (well perhaps it's never that calm or quiet but at least it's usually co-ordinated) mealtime is in uproar! The children are running about with Granny hanging off them for kisses and goodbye hugs. Husband is sitting in his car with the engine running on the road, waiting for her to take her car out of the drive so that he can pull back onto it again! And me?! I'm jugging plates, in the oven, out of the oven, in the oven, out of the oven and so on.

I should be used to it really. She always comes in like a whirlwind, and now she has perfected going out like one. I do love her so though!

When she's gone the house is reasonably quiet again. We settle down to eat. As I'm sitting there I realise that I won't see her again before she travels. I didn't really wish her a happy holiday or give her an extra hug. And then I realise that I forgot to give her all the bits of shopping that she asked me to buy, Aaaggh!


Dori said...

I'm torn between whether the "Mum" posts or the "Small Sprog" posts are my favorite! Both are classic.

On a different note...I'm always amused when I sit here at my night time and look over at your London clock and see that it's the wee hours of the morning for you. I find myself hoping that your evening calmed down and everyone is now peacefully sleeping. And then I realize that it's way past my bedtime and I've done nothing for the past two hours except cruise the internet!

Rose said...

The house all to yourself (with, of course, Small Sprog and Tall Girl) for a week? Sounds wonderful!
In fairness to your Mum, maybe she didn't mean to create a whirlwind; she just couldn't bring herself to leave sooner.

swile67 said...

pilates is actually a cool thing...i used to take pilates but now am taking a yoga class, very similar i must say! enjoy!

Jennysmith said...

Good luck with pilates. People swear by it. However I did not get on with it. I think I wanted to whole thing to move faster or something. It would be interesting to see what you think.

The next blog perhaps?

Mums' are a bit like that aren't they.

Kitty said...

My own mum used to go to a 'Prattees' Class - she loved it. Let us know how you get on! x

Working mum said...

You do know that you will turn into your mum eventually, don't you?

I tried Pilates for my back, made me nauseous, what was that about?

Suburbia said...

Dori, thanks! I'm never sure what time it is when I visit you. Isn't it funny how being on here is like being in a different time zone? Two hours seems to go in a flash.

Rose, yes I think you're right and I really don't mind. I'd rather she was full of life and intend to make the most of her while she is!

Hi Swile, I 'd heard it was like yoga. I hope it works!

Jenny, I'm quite impatient so it should be interesting!

Kitty, is it a bit 'middle aged'?!

Working Mum, how strange, I hope I don't feel sick too!

BS5 Blogger said...

Wow - when you get married and have little ones, do they take you aside for special classes on coordinating a super busy household, or do you just hang on and wing it? What a busy post; sounds like the super duper black hole collision machine dumped all its energy at your house!

Suburbia said...

Hang on and wing it if you're lucky. Otherwise, you fall off!!
If they gave you lessons before children and marriage you probably wouldn't bother !!