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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Girl talk

Small Sprog seems to have settled in well at his new school. So far, so good.
Today he came home with a party invitation. Gosh, how lovely of someone to include him I thought. The invite was from a girl, Emily. He is keen to attend!

This evening I asked him how his day had gone. He said he had had an IT lesson. (His last school didn't do much IT and the children had to share computers, so his IT skills are not quite as honed as his class mates but at his new school they get a computer each and two sessions a week so I am hoping he will do well.)

"How did you get on?" I asked.

"Anna helped me, she's nice."

"Oh!" (Another girl, I thought!)

He played with a friend after school tonight.

Her name was Erin.

Can you see a pattern here?!

Tonight before tea he asked if he could phone a friend from his old school. I handed him the phone and half an hour latter suggested that he ought to put it down as tea was nearly ready.
Olivia's tea was probably on the table too!

My mum rang just a few minutes ago to see how the children are both getting on at school. On hearing Small Sprogs news she muttered, almost disapprovingly, "You've got trouble brewing there"!!

I think she may be right.

Oh, and the photo, I nearly forgot! The chains of pain are no longer binding!! One dose of muscle relaxants and my back feels much better. I must learn to treasure the comfort of a healthy and pain free body, because it really does feel very good.


Kitty said...

Sorry to discover you've been in such pain. Back pain is awful isn't it? I put my back out once - I'll never, ever forget it: excruciating!

Pleased to see Small Sprog is turning into a ladies man though - could he give No.2 some tips?


Elizabeth said...

What pretty names the 'girlfriends' have...........
lad you back is feeling better.

Dori said...

I always got along much better with the boys than the girls--until dating age and hormones messed up the delicate balance!

Glad to hear he's enjoying his new school though--that they both are, actually! And, yea, on the pain freedom!

Hammer said...

great news all around!

BS5 Blogger said...

Jolly glad to hear your back is better.

If Small Sprog is playing out after school with Erin O'Connor, please let me know.

Good skills by the chap! Most impressed.

Liz said...

A boy who talks on the phone? You're heading for big phone bills, let alone trouble!

Good news that your back's giving you less pain. As you say, it's not until we suffer that we realise how important good health is.

Rose said...

So glad your back is doing so much better! Small Sprog appears to be quite attractive to the ladies:) I'm sure it's because he's so charming and fun to be with.

Anonymous said...

already charming the girls, eh? Early starter! Good for him!!!

Have a wonderful week!


Working mum said...

It works both ways. Daughter plays with Nicholas and has a party invite from Alex! Perhaps it's just us adults that view this in a certain way?

Akelamalu said...

Good to hear the pain has eased.

Small Sprog is a charmer obviously! ((wink))

Susan said...

I love it! He is not settling with one but many! All my friends in school were boys and they were some of the best friends a girl could have! Glad you are feeling better!

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

It's about that time... although, doesn't it seem like this happens younger and younger with each generation?

I think your mum is right.

Glad you are feeling better!!

Scarlett & Viaggiatore