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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday stuff

I rang my mother this morning and now I wish I hadn't. I was having a perfectly lovely day, not thinking about any of the 'rubbish' that is going on in my life right now, and all of a sudden, she wants to 'know how things are'. She keeps doing that! Perhaps she forgets that I have gone over 'how things are', with her quite a few times now. 'But what about the children?" she keeps saying. 
Some days I don't want to think about that.

The children are at their cousins this weekend, the cousins have 'disowned' me, they are on Husbands side of the family, but I know they will all have a great time.

As a consequence of them being away, I am too. Tonight I am going to eat goat for the first time! Yum!! What's on your menu this weekend?


nick said...

You should just tell your mum that you're doing everything you can to move forward, and you don't want to discuss it any more because it's all too painful. Or is she the persistent type who just keeps repeating the question?

What's on my menu? Either supermarket pizza or a really yummy vegetarian dish, depending on how energetic Jenny feels! (And I hasten to add, I do all the washing up so I do my bit!)

Enjoy your rare bit of me time!

this is my patch said...

Goat, your kidding! Not much on our menu this evening, just homemade fishcakes! x

Rose said...

Sometimes people mean well, but say the wrong thing. I know I've been guilty of that many a time.

Goat would not be on my list of things to try, but I like goat cheese:) What's on my menu tonight will depend on whether I'm in the mood to cook or not:)

Steve said...

What's on my menu? Certainly not my mother in law! I guess she feels she has to ask in case you "need to talk"... not realizing that sometimes talking about other things is far more therapeutic.

As for the food... home made cottage pie this evening if all goes well!

swile67 said...

Am glad you still let them visit with the other side of the family throughout all this! Hope the peace in your soul comes soon.

Letty - A Little Girl With A Curl said...

What a whole goat?

Letty - A Little Girl With A Curl said...

Well, after recovering from the shock that you are goat eating for Britain (btw I have never eaten goat, quite like goats cheese but somehow goat meat does not appeal), does it come in steaks, with horns, fillets, I have never seen it sold in the shops. Pray tell me?!!!!

As I was saying, before my goat freak out, I am on my own too this weekend, Husband has departed to Bristol area where Mother In Law and broomstick live.

He has business down there and owes a duty visit too. I was invited, but hey, dog and I need some quality time ;0)

So tonight, I am cooking up good old fish and chips, mushy peas and a pickled egg on the side, I know, it is as bad as solo goat eating, but simple pleasures and all that.

You will feel so much better once things are sorted, this seems to be a horrible limbo period.

Also, a lesson to be learned, why do peeps always insist on taking "sides" in these circumstances?

thinking of you later, when you chomp into your goat. I will raise a glass or two of rather nice Shiraz, and hope for better things. And less goat.

Letty ;0)))))))))


Lakeland Jo said...

we had goat at my friend's wedding. Goat curry in fact. It was really good. Enjoy!

Hullaballoo said...

Good on you for going away.

I am not sure reading the three billy goats gruff will every be quite the same again. Call me sheltered, but I didn't think anyone ate goat. Have you gone to somewhere in eastern Europe for the weekend honey?

Tonight we are having salmon something - probably with chips and mayonnaise ;)).

Kitty said...

Have a great time! I'm on my own this weekend, so I'm going to laze around, catch up on Corrie, go to a car boot sale and generally act like a teenager.


MissKris said...

Definitely not goat, HA!

Maggie May said...

Certainly not goat as I am mostly a veggie & don't eat red meat, especially if came from a cuddly creature! You have me intrigued now. My Afro Carribean friend eats a lot of goat. You're not going to Barbados or Jamaica for the weekend are you?

We will get a seafood take away at the weekend (Sat) and maybe a bottle of wine!

When I ring my daughter, she sometimes says that she doesn't want to talk about certain things & that is fine. Sometimes she wants to talk about things that I'm not really wanting to go over...... but that's what Mum's are for. To be there & listen. Tell her what you want to talk about & the things you don't. I hope she will understand.

Word verification ..... blues ..... don't often get a real word!

Akelamalu said...

I've never had goat - you must tell us what it's like!

We had scampi, not as exotic as goat but it was tasty. :)

Reasons to be Cheerful 1,2,3 said...

Too much up to now! Someone gave me a gluten-free cake as I can't have gluten and I've had too much. Tonight we have some visitors and are having a chilli - next week I think a little restraint may be called for! Enjoy your evening, time alone can be precious! x

Mean Mom said...

Oddly enough I didn't have goat for tea. I had macaroni cheese and peas - one of my favourite meals! Sorry that your mum is winding you up a bit. I suppose that she's just a bit anxious.

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Take care and don't worry about what the husband's rellies think - As long as your daughter is happy and your tummy is full (of goat?!) that's all that matters

Sometimes even mums don't get everything right, so be straight and diplomatic with your mum, but watch out for your own mental health! x

Not Waving but Drowning said...

Enjoy your weekend and make time to indulge yourself.

We're having yesterdays left over chicken made into a curry.

I'm using French curry powder which isn't very hot but is more "perfumey".The French don't appear to do spicy food.

I'm back in the UK for a week in May so will be filling the boot with curry powder and Fry's chocolate cream.


Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

is goat a euphemism?

Or are you serious? I'm a carnivore in case you were in any doubt...just had to pop in over my sandwich to see how my blog pals are! I feel like l'm missing something....

laney said...

I've just found your blog - I rarely leave comments but your situation is so similar to where I was 12 years ago now I felt I had to write one. I too chose to leave a marriage which I'd struggled to keep going for several years. My ex-husband was very angry with my decision and our children (then 8 and 10) suffered. He, like your husband, woke my daughter in the night to tell her having locked me in a room - I'll never forget hearing her scream and not being able to comfort her. We'd hidden our problems so well that both families questioned what I was doing and support was hard to find. It was a difficult time but what I wanted to tell you was that in less time than you can imagine things moved on - both of us are remarried, I have a great husband and a beautiful 8 year old and my ex and I are friendly. Our children definitely had some problems with the divorce but I believe nowhere near as many as continuing to live with the arguments would have caused. I wish you all the strength you need right now and remember that 'this too will pass' which became my mantra when things were really bad. Good Luck!

the eternal worrier said...

Goat!!! Please tell more, Lol. It must be curried, surly? Feel free to use the ‘regrets’ quote as its not mine. I think I read it in a book. Glad you liked it, hope it helps.

kate smudges said...

I've never eaten goat, so I'm curious to hear what it's like. I remember so clearly those early days of splitting with my husband. I wished I could run away, but my son was eight at the time. We got through it ~ he's now sixteen and thankfully, my ex and I get along fine. As hard as it was, I am grateful that I made an effort to always think of what my son needed and to make sure he never felt as if he had to take sides. Sometimes that was hard. Take time for yourself whenever you can.

david mcmahon said...

Sometimes we need to work out what the most important part of our respective worlds. Hope all goes well.

Jennysmith said...

Well, Sweetie, my menu , on saturday anyway was steak and kidney pie curtesy of my mum. But would love to try goat. I assume you had West African or West Indian food. Give us the verdict.

don't let your Mum get to you. xxxx

Suburbia said...

Hi Nick, she can be persistant, but perhaps she just forgets she has said/asked it all before!

Louise love the pun! Made me giggle!

Thanks Rose. You should try goat, it's good!

Steve, I think my MIL would need marrinating to make her more palitable!

It ws good Jo

Hulla,No,s till in Bristol, it's very cosmoplolitan here!!! That would be garlic mayo then???!

Letty Nooo! Not a whole one!!! Although, now you come to mention it............(it came in chunks!)

Kitty, did you have a few tantums and scowl a lot at your self too?!! (hope you had a nice weekend)

Maggie, is a seafood takeaway a posh version of fish and chips?!!!

Reasons, are you still full ?!

MM, Small Sprog loves Macaroni cheese!

AWONI thank you :)

Saz, hee hee, no it wasn't a euphamism! You did miss a good meal though (and you know who cooked it!)

Laney, thank you very much for commenting. It is good to hear that it all gets better eventually.

EW, thanks. Yes it was yummy!

Hi Kate and thanks. You are right, some days I would love to run away.

Jenny, the verdict (on the goat) is posted! Thanks for your comment :)

starnitesky said...

No goat for me, I stay away from meat as often as I can. Hope you enjoyed your night out.

BS5 Blogger said...

Wow - such goat interest!