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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Navel gazing

It has been an odd week! For a start I have blogged about buses (!), but in truth there has been a fair amount of stuff going on, and it already feels like Friday.

This week Small Sprog lamented his age! He said he didn't want to grow up, he likes the age he is now. I remember, when I was younger, feeling that I never wanted to get any older. I wanted everything thing to always stay the same, so I understand how he feels, but I have the knowledge that big things will change in his life at some point soon, and I wonder to myself how he will cope.

On the other hand Tall Girl has just become a 'woman', if you get my drift! A whole new part of her life ahead of her and she seems to be taking it all in her stride. (Now I understand what all the tears were about at the beginning of the week!)

I was talking to a work colleague today, who is going through a rough patch with her children. We came to a conclusion that when you are little, younger, you believe that eventually life will be perfect. As time goes on, you realise that the perfect bits are interspersed with difficult bits, but that this is just how things are.

Life has dealt me quite a complicated hand right now, and it is full of huge problems but also some very good things that I thought would never cross my path again. I am grateful. This is life, the rough and the smooth, I just seem to be experiencing them both together at the moment!


Dori said...

My life philosophy on a of my tattoos is the Tao symbol of the yen and yang with the Chinese symbol for Life over top. Meaning? Life encompasses all--good and bad, rough and smooth.

Can I say that I'm proud of you without it sounding patronizing? Because I am! You're going through all of this mess and you're dealing with it astonishingly well. Just proves that you and those two kiddos are going to be just fine on the other side!

Rose said...

I don't blame Small Sprog--9 seems like the perfect age to me. But alas, time does march on, and life isn't always smooth, as you say. Here's hoping the road ahead gets much smoother for you.

I was wondering about the tractors--thought maybe you had been taking some testosterone:)

Letty said...

I think you seem to have things pretty sussed out about life Suburbia!

At the moment I am in the stage of wishing my life would just "stay" as it is at the moment. I want to stay right here, right now, as I am, with things as they are.

However, of course, obviusly(!) this is not going to happen. As I have got older the bizarre thing which has begun to happen is the sand in the egg timer seems to be falling through much quicker than it used to!

Oh, now I am nearly crying (!) playing Abba "Slipping through my Fingers" track as I read this and type this comment......;0(

How quickly children grow, think I am with Small Sprog though.

Now going to dry my tears, switch off the music, and walk the dog through the woods, he has far more sense than me, and will no doubt put me right!

After all he gets up every day and lives in day "in the moment" perhaps this is what we all should do!

Letty ;0))))))))))

Maggie May said...

There must be some part of you that you have not come to terms with (as regards the buses and tractors.) Maybe you wanted to be a farmer or a bus driver when you were small!

Seriously...... if we didn't go through the rough times then we wouldn't appreciate the good ones. We'd just take them all for granted instead of enjoying them.

Kitty said...

Some days I would like to be small/young again ... other days I think 'no thank you!' You are right - peaks and troughs, valleys and hills, ups and downs. Such is life. x

nick said...

And tomorrow - combine harvesters!

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

hi!! another transport vehicle, Mmmm say not more Saz!

A momentus week for tall girl...gosh it hits you as a mum though...for her..they are so chuffed and within a year realise the curse of it!

Life just keeps rolling on whatever eh??


Steve said...

I think the nicest thing about being a kid (and the most erroneous of course) is the idea that there is a point when life will be "right" and you will get to do everything you want one day by dint of being an adult. And then you become an adult and realize that you can't do half the things you dreamt of doing as a kid because of lack of money / time / confidence / energy. I'm with your sprog. Growing up sucks.

BS5 Blogger said...

I like the tractors for sure; you are really fine tuning this Blog!

Hope the new woman part of your post proceeds happily!

Akelamalu said...

My granny used to say "If you don't have downs in your life how can you appreciate the ups?"

This too shall pass. x

cheshire wife said...

Life would be very boring if we did not have these ups and downs.

mrsnesbitt said...

The beauty of teaching is I dont think I will ever grow up! lol!

Crystal Jigsaw said...

They grow up so fast, it's hard to keep up half the time. Yes, remember thinking adult was perfection. Until I became an adult.

CJ xx

Reasons to be Cheerful 1,2,3 said...

All true, but at least it's friday, with a glass of wine the good and bad can blur into one! :-)

Hullaballoo said...

My dear mother in law used to talk about having children being like sunshine and showers. Now I see what she meant. Only she didn't mention the hail stones lol.

Hugs to tall girl, bless.xx

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Perhaps all these modes of transport are to do with the journey you are on, 'Burbs, as with your big girl?

Lovely pics, and challenging thoughts very nicely put together - Take care!

the eternal worrier said...

And what’s wrong with a girl talking about buses and tractors? Lol. I like the comment about the ‘perfect stuff in life,’ it’s very true.

Elizabeth said...

when I was about 11 I realised that I would have to stop being a child and was horrified!
I empathize with both your children.
The end of childhood is rather a shock.
Thinking of you.

Letty - A Little Girl With A Curl said...

oh tractors and buses pictures, wanted to let you know I was sad enough to "biggfy" the tractor pic!

Letty Who Has No Life!!!!!!!!!!!11