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Sunday, March 29, 2009

The weekend

It is an absolutely beautiful day today, the sun is shining and there is much warmth in it's rays. Husband has been away since early Thursday morning and the house has felt a happy place to be.

On Friday night I fed curry to some of my close girlfriends, well they fed themselves obviously, I just cooked it! It turned out to be a much later night than I thought it would be, with just a little more wine consumed than would have been sensible. I reveled in the pleasure of being in a room full of close friends.

Mum turned up yesterday lunchtime. She came armed with flowers from her garden and some leftover cake! We had plenty of time to sit around and chat, which was good, mostly because she wasn't in a worrying mood. She will only come now if I can guarantee that Husband will not be here. She won't phone here either. I can't quite get the reason for that out of her, but it seems a shame.

She babysat the children last night, so that I could go out, which was kind of her and a rather lovely evening for me.

And today? Well, mum has gone, and the children's friends have just called for them, so they have both gone out to play. I'm pleasingly home alone. Husband will be home this evening and the feeling of freedom will disipate slowly throughout the afternoon, but for now I shall make the most of my time. I think I shall take my book into the garden and relax in the sun. You can bet the moment I sit down, though, that the children will be back and wanting food!

How was your weekend?


Steve said...

Took the kids to Toys R Us yesterday afternoon and did our bit to boost the economy. Currently we're making the most of the sunshine by planting some vegetables... Glad you're having a good weekend too. ;-)

Akelamalu said...

Sounds like you've had a perfectly lovely weekend, shame it has to end. :(

It is a lovely day today - so nice to see a clear blue sky and feel a little sun isn't it? :)

Rose said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! That should help you get through the week.

Youngest daughter turned 23 yesterday, so we took her and her boyfriend out for dinner. Otherwise, it's been and will be an uneventful weekend. I'm getting ready to go to Arizona again to see my older daughter, so there's laundry and packing to do. I am envious of your sun--it's snowing here this morning!

Maggie May said...

Slightly damp day yesterday but we went to the sea and it was bright & sunny there. Glad we risked it.
Today is lovely. Went to Church this morning & just got back from Tescos so I think I will potter in the garden.
Glad you had a lovely break over the weekend and glad that your mother is being loyal to you! That is what it is called. Loyalty!

Working mum said...

Sounds like you had a lovely weekend and possibly a taste of how things may be in the future?

I've been trying to gain a bit of balance in my life after surviving the last two weeks by communing with nature. No, not dancing naked in the garden, just planting peas and tomatoes.

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

seems like we are both enjoying some solitary moments, so glad you are feeling good in yourself. You are very brave

Lakeland Jo said...

relax in the sun? Warmth?
It has been sunny here but freezing!
Glad weekend was good

Molly said...

So glad it was a nice day there! It must have been shining for my brand new Bristol babe! Men are nice but girlfriends are the best.....

Not Waving but Drowning said...

Your Mum sounds so supportive and so do your friends.

I'm glad you had a good time too.


starnitesky said...

Just popped over to see what kind of weekend you had - glad to read it was an enjoyable one. It's always great to have a girly night. I enjoyed the sunshine, I went out taking photographs with colleagues from college, the weather helped.

Jennysmith said...

How lovely that you are enjoying your friends, Sub. You are taking time for you again.

I'm glad your weekend went well. What are you doing in the Easter holidays? xxxx

the eternal worrier said...

My weekend was very busy. Grandchildren on Saturday afternoon. Down the club for a dance and Vodka that evening. We both got up very early Sunday and went for a walk. It’s so nice to be out early when you don’t have anywhere in particular to be. Afternoon at a friend’s house. Is the book any good?

Suburbia said...

Steve, an afternoon in Toys R Us is my idea of hell!!

Akelamalu, the niceness slipped into Monday a little :)

Rose, the weather was short lived this time, much colder today and grey too. Hope you have a lovely time away.

Thanks Maggie :)

Working Mum, I have an image of a naked gardener now, can't think why?!!

Saz, thank you, but I'm not really.

Jo, sorry it is colder with you. I think we have caught up with your temperatures today though.

Molly, I do love the company of my girl friends.

Waving, thank you.

Hi Starnitesky, hope to see some of the photos soon :)

Jenny, the Easter hols will be peaceful I hope. Not many plans, the only bit I'm not looking forward to is the bank holiday bit, when Husband is off work. Then I might take to the hills!

EW The book is very good but despite this fact, the previous two nights caught up with me and I fell asleep!!

Elizabeth said...

Sounds a lovely few days.
Does a feeling of impending doom descend when h. is heading back?
Is there some way you can live apart and the children still see both of you?
I know in the current economy that things might be difficult.....

Brett said...

Read your last few posts at work last night, but for some reason was not allowed to comment, cheered me up know end reading your descriptions of your weekend.

Furtheron said...

I've just discovered your blog via Liz. I should have been here before... looks like some of our life is in parallel. I'll comment else where...

My wife's mother is very welcome at our house... well my me. My wife is often at her wits end with her but I have to let it go... My daughter always seems keen on doing homework when she arrives, so I have no problem with her coming on a Sunday regularly... :-)