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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

This might be the last time....

All packed now and waiting to move on, apart from last minute things; favourite bedtime toys, hair straighteners (TG's) and the Wii! It is over 15 years since I lived alone and then I was childless.The responsibility of being a single parent feels very daunting. Gosh, I never thought I'd be one.

This morning, when I went into Tall Girls room, she suddenly said 'Mummy, I think we should all have baths on our first night in our new house (this is the girl that never used to like washing!), then we can put on or PJ's, and snuggle under a blanket to watch TV and eat pizza'

'What a fab idea' I replied and smiled to myself, this was how she wanted to celebrate, she is very happy to be moving, I hope it lives up to her expectations. It did indeed sound a lovely way to spend our first evening there together, if I can just tear myself away from the gentle murmuring of the boxes... 'Unpack me' they will call. I just hope I can resist the temptation to get straight as soon as possible.

PS.The good news is I may have an internet connection by middle of next week. Yay!


Lindsay said...

Good luck to you and the children in your new house!

Reasons said...

I've just noticed the "If only you could sense..." caption on your side bar. it's really lovely and uplifting.

I wish you so many happy things in your new home. You will be just fine with your wonderful spirit and treasured children.

BS5 Blogger said...

I like the idea of gently murmuring boxes. Is it akin to the gentle lowing of the moo biscuits?

Steve said...

Good luck. And despite the inevitable stress and exhaustion... try to enjoy it! :-)

nick said...

Very important that you celebrate the first day in your new house appropriately and start off on a positive note. Tall Girl's suggestion sounds excellent. And absolutely NO unpacking or sorting out until the day after!

French Fancy said...

What a perfect way to begin your new life - TG is a star, as is her little brother. You have a great evening huddling and cuddling and don't drop any hot tomato bits down your front.

Akelamalu said...

What a lovely idea to celebrate your move - all cuddled up together after a bath and eating a treat!

Good luck with the move and I hope you will all be extremely happy in your new home. x

Suburbia said...

Thanks :)

Lia said...

The boxes can wait, there'll still be there come the morning.

But your moment to celebrate your new life with the kids could be lost.

Good luck with your new life, it's not so bad being a single mum, you end up very close to your kids and that's a great thing.
They know you will always be there for them and when they are young adults as mine now are, they know where to come.

Think of this a s a new and golden age in your life. When I look back over 15yrs of doing it alone, even the hard times now were worth it.

Much love

McBöbø said...

I very much look forward to hearing all about. News straight off the New Single Mum press!