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Tuesday, March 02, 2010


It has been a busy week, with lots to sort out, boxes to pack and vans to book. There are hiccups, isn't moving one of the top ten stressful things to do, along with divorce I believe? I hope to get my keys on Friday, but as yet, my employer has not sent back the reference for me, another 2 days before they can tick a couple of boxes and fax it back can you believe? Perhaps I should go to work today and twiddle my thumbs for a while!!

Anyway, Small Sprog is excited about having a larger bedroom when we move. He has a dream of setting up his Scalextrics his new room, so that the track runs under his bed. He has talked about this a lot, he has 'boy genes' for moving house, Tall Girl is more interested in matching bedding and sparkly cushions!

Husband has other thoughts about the racetrack. He wants to keep it here for Small Sprog, to set up in the attic room when I have gone. I mentioned the issue to Small Sprog this morning.
'I want to have it in both houses' he said.
Husband had obviously chatted to Small Sprog about it too.
'You can move it between both houses if you like' I replied .'Seeing as we have a van though, where do you want to have it first?'
He thought long and hard. I know he wants it in his new home, he has talked about it a lot. I could see a 'thinking frown' on his face.
'I'll leave it here for a while' he said after careful consideration 'So then Daddy will have something to look forward to'

I could have cried. He is 10, born thoughtful and kind. In all of this upheaval, he is thinking about other peoples feelings. What more could I ask for?

(Mind you, these thoughts do not count when doing battle with ones sister!!)


BS5 Blogger said...

Top Small Sprog thoughtfulness! You made half of him so no surprise he's thoughtful and kind :-)

Steve said...

Small Sprog has inherited his mother's genes more than his fathers, methinks... good luck with the move. It is stressful but once everything is sorted it out you'll feel a wonderful sense of peace. A new nest is always cheering.

Lia said...

Aaaaaaaaaah, little man sounds like a sweet heart, bless him. Maybe with time he will be able to collect enough to have it at both houses.

Girl is right to think of matching bedding and sparkly cushions, they are the best things in the world.

Remember to pack kettle cups tea bags etc in separate box for other end.

Much love

Akelamalu said...

Maybe Dad could buy him another one to keep there as he seems to want it so badly?

Your boy is very thoughtful. x

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

It shows you what a great job you are doing with the kids in this turbulent time. He is clearly a sensitive young lad who thinks of others. So, the start of your new life beckons. How very exciting. It might be scary but it would have been scarier staying where you are - in a half life with the old life decaying and the bew one out of reach. I bet you will feel about 14lbs ligher when the stress just dissapates into thin air. Good luck but I doubt you will need it.

French Fancy said...

He is such a lovely boy, no wonder you love him so much.

Furtheron said...

Certainly a super boy

nick said...

That's very considerate, especially as Daddy has been so inconsiderate in numerous ways. He obviously wants to be scrupulously fair. And yes, how very gendered they are in their immediate moving-in priorities!

Fab, feisty and fifty... said...

YEAH!!! we are brill we are!!!

though many wobbles and weeps later..and only day after tomorrow l can start to move in...when will you be in right away???

try to catch you on gmail later??

luv saz x

Linda said...

Bless him♥ What a special boy you have Sub so thoughtful and kind. Wishing you all the very best with the move. It will all soon be over and well worth it. Linda xoxo

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

One could not ask for much more than the myriad of blessings that you have with Small Sprog and Tall Girl.

Good luck with the move. I will be waiting to hear how you are.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Jennysmith said...

my sweet, I want to move there with you! Bless you and good luck with your new start. xxx

Rose said...

So the house is all set? That's wonderful! Yes, moving is one of those most stressful events in one's life, but it can also be exciting to start over in a new place. Small Sprog has definitely inherited your tender heart.

Maggie May said...

Such a thoughtful and well balanced little boy. A credit to you.

Nuts in May

this is my patch said...

That's a very thoughtful decision, Small Sprog. x

Susie said...

That is too sensitive of him! What a lovely soul.

Hope by now your move went well.