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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

At last

Yesterday I spent the day at mums. She likes to see her only child, too much sometimes.
We mooch about for the day, doing nothing inparticular - drinking tea, window shopping- though I took jobs to do too; Some sewing, and I wrapped up all Small Sprogs birthday presents ( he will be 12 next Monday. We are Go Karting on Sunday, if all goes to plan) which she didn't seem to mind.

While she was cooking dinner she started to talk about her relationship. They have been married 36 years, and I, being only a child when they met, have been with them all the way, through the ups and downs, hell and high water. That's how some of it seemed.

Yet here they are now in front of me; my step father is soon to be 81 and is as fit as the first day I met him, mum is a few years younger and has slowed noticeably in the last few years. They are laughing together and fooling about. I notice (and take note) that even at my age / their age, seeing your parents fool about is still embarrassing!

She tells me later that they have been happy for the last few years. She says it in a dreamy sort of way. Thank goodness for that! I want to say because it has been a damn long time coming, but instead I say that it's usually the other way around, people fall out of love or forget to make each other happy. Yes, she smiles like she has got it right this time... If only it hadn't taken over 30 years.


Rob-bear said...

So happy for this story, for the relationship they have developed. And for the fact you get to see it.

Steve said...

Ah.... better late than never.

Furtheron said...

Interesting story - there is something to be said for perseverance

Jennysmith said...

Sounds like your mum cherishes the days you spend together. So do you.

Can't believe your little boy is 12!

nick said...

Good that your parents are now getting on so well. If a couple are still happy together after 36 years of ups and downs, I think that's quite an achievement. There must be nothing worse than getting to the end of your life and realising you don't actually enjoy being with your partner any more.

Looking for Blue Sky said...

They say people are generally happier once they get past middle age (something to look forward to then lol). Obviously so long as their healthy, and clearly a happy marriage makes things ever better, delighted for your mum and step-dad :)

cheshire wife said...

There's hope for all of us!

Maggie May said...

Glad you had a lovely time with your mom.

I can't believe that SS will be twelve soon. Time flies.
My youngest granddaughter is now losing her bottom teeth. I always feel a bit sad as their appearance tends to change dramatically after that, growing into older looking children fairly rapidly after the baby teeth fall out. Especially the top ones.

BS5 Blogger said...

'Fooling about' had a lovely ring to it there.