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Monday, April 15, 2013

Stealing time

I am writing this in stolen time. I should be at work but poor Small Sprog is home again after vomiting up his meal last night. He didn't sleep much. I am worried. He is anxious.

As for Tall Girl, well, she only has about 6 weeks left of school then it's GCSE's followed by a massive gap of nothingness! I can't believe it. Where does the time go? It doesn't seem long since I was writing here about her first day at 'Big School' and now she's close to her last. Talk about a roller coaster of emotions over those last 5 years, phew, no wonder the hairdresser convinced me into a 'new look'!

All that time, all that rushing about and making deadlines; I look at them both and try to remember them small and portable, remembering the days when they took up less space on a sofa and went to bed before I did! Tall Girl is 16 and a half now and planning driving lessons in the autumn, Small Sprog has reached 13 and has become fairly monosyllabic, grunting and growling when he can get by with that form of communication rather than actual words! He always had dog habits, now he even sounds like one!

Still, I can hear the hamster wheel calling once again, I must depart forthwith. Working double the hours that I used to work has really caught up with me this year. So, off I go, scampering into the distance once again. Catch you next time around...

Tell me your news?


Maggie May said...

Glad to see you back on the blog.
It is a little scary how the children and grandchildren grow so quickly. Yes, I remember Tall Girl starting Secondary! Seems like no time at all.
Maggie x

Nuts in May

Looking for Blue Sky said...

Similar hamster wheel issues here, am hiding among the blog posts till someone screams for me :)

Dicky Carter said...

So pleased to see you post. I know what you mean about kids growing up. My youngest passed a few weeks ago and then picked me up from work and gave me a lift home! Scary stuff. Hope all is well Sub. X

Rose said...

I always tell my friends with young children to enjoy these days, because it flies by all too quickly. I know it's a cliche, but it's so true, as you are discovering. My oldest granddaughter is headed off to college this fall--I still remember the day I first held her in my arms at the hospital and realized how wonderful being a grandma was, after all.

Letty - A Little Girl With A Curl said...

Well your lovely comment on my much neglected blog, really made me think last night! I hadn't realised a whole year had almost passed since I last posted on about hamster wheel.....mine has been going super fast!! Yes, I always found once my three went to school time just zipped by.....I adore the Jim Croce song "time in a bottle" which voices how quickly time passes. And how it would be so so lovely to be able to bottle it and enjoy at leisure.

I can remember when I first began reading your blog, and your children were small, so a shock to find out just how much time has passed.

I have been busy "living" hence the lack of blogging but you have spurred me on to start writing it again, if only as a diary of my much loved family.

My daughter is 34 this year, my middle son is 31 and the baby well he is 25 in June yet it all seems like yesterday when they were babies.

I will have a good browse and a catch up on your blog, and also hope to post something at long last on mine!

Hope all is well with you and thanks for looking in on mine!!

Xx Letty xx

Furtheron said...

I hope Sprog is better soon.

Have some good news from my offspring but have to wait until it is all official! !!

Elizabeth Wix said...

How grown up they sound!

Just My Life and All That said...


Dear Suburbia, I’m back and struggling to remember how blogging works! I cannot see how to follow you, all has changed! I was Jo, Reasons to be Cheerful 123. It’s great to see you and so many others still blogging. Good luck with Tall Girl, my advice? Buy chocolate, it get's us all through the revision!! (what a dork)

nick said...

So now Tall Girl is moving on from Big School to Big World! So what is she planning? Does she have a particular career in mind? (You may have mentioned it before and I've forgotten) Being able to drive will certainly be useful. There's not many jobs these days where you won't need a car....

Liz said...

I look at my grandchildren and think, 'How did I ever cope with three of my own?' The sheer logistics seem beyond me.

They grow up too quickly.