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Friday, October 03, 2008

Small Sprog battles the credit crunch!

Small Sprog has a tuck shop at his new school. A 'healthy' tuck shop, selling fruit and fruit juice at break time. Every day I give him 20p to spend.
"What do you buy at the tuck shop?" I asked today
"Orange slices"
"Lots of them?"
"Just one"
"How much are they then?" I ask
"So what do you do with the change?"
"Put it in my money box!"
"You put it in your money box?!"
"That's mummy's money"

And he runs off laughing!!

So Small Sprog is making a profit out of his tuck money! Does that surprise me? Probably not, should have guessed really.

PS. We have enough conkers in the house to feed all the squirrels in Bristol for a whole year (well almost!)


Jennysmith said...

Gosh, our tuck shop was a lot different to your small sprog's. Crisps of every flavour and Wagon Wheels. I can never look at one of those now without remembering those break times.

I love conkers. I often go and pick them up on the Green. Son doesn't seem that interested in them tho' which is a shame.

Thank you for your nice comments about my blog. No-one's ever called my blog professional before. it means such a lot.

A Harvey Nicks nearby? you lucky thing. Used to love the shops in Bristol. (used to go out with someone from Brislington).


scargosun said...

I think what would be our conckers are clightly different than yours. I'll see if I can find one this weekend and take a pic.

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

aw lovely, youve just reminded me of something lats week. I shall save it for a post, thank you!! I awlays get inspriation from reading others posts and l usually leave a nother post in their comments, weird isnt it!

have nice weekend yourself..l'm working! doh

Suzysoo said...

Enterprising Small Sprog. Gotta give him 10/10 for monetary skills!

Mean Mom said...

Clever lad! At least he's not spending it on something that he shouldn't.

Mean Mom said...

Sorry - forgot to say. I pinched your meme and really enjoyed doing it. It was great for taking my mind off stressful things going on at the moment.

BS5 Blogger said...

What a canny little chap. Next time Barack O calls me, can I put him on to Small Sprog for fiscal advice State-side?

anyscribbles said...

So the tuck shop is making a nice profit too then - 5p per slice!!

Sounds like the lad is pretty crafty, good on him.

Love your blog, forgot to visit for a while, but remember now, why I had it in my 'favourites'!

Dori said...

Once again drawing similarities between yours and mine! Any loose change laying around gets picked up by the little one and he puts it in his piggy bank. He even raided my own change cup! I had to borrow money from HIM the other week for coffee!

And, what are conkers? My googlefoo failed me on that one today--it came up as a children's game.

Rose said...

I like bs5's comment:) If the US had more Small Sprogs, we wouldn't be in the financial mess we're in!

I have to admit I don't know a couple of these terms. "Tuck shop," I gather is like a snack shop, but what are "conkers"?

Suburbia said...

Dori and Rose, conkers are the fruit of horse chestnut trees, the picture is conkers in their shell. Do you have conker trees? Perhaps not on the Praries Rose.

Suburbia said...

Mean Mom, glad you enjoyed the meme. BS5 passed it to me. It was fun to do wasn't it. Sorry you have some stressful stuff to contend with right now.

Welcome Anyscribbles. So glad to see you, thanks for visiting :)

Suburbia said...

BS5, He'll charge his usual fee though is that OK?!

Akelamalu said...

LOL What an enterprising child!

Rose said...

Oh, horse chesnuts...yes, we have those here, though I don't happen to have a tree like that. I was trimming around the big oak tree yesterday and kept getting bonked on the head--acorns! I felt like Chicken Little:)

The Dotterel said...

You've got a real trainee capitalist, there! The next Richard Branson, maybe?

Elizabeth said...

I enjoyed your meme.
Glad small-sprog is learning to save something most americans have never managed.........
conkers looking good

Working mum said...

That's a savvy sprog you've got there! I fully approve of the saving (as long as he's still getting his five a day!)

Liz said...

Didn't I leave a comment here?

Hey ho.

As I've said before, Small Sprog will go far. And that's quite a wily tuck shop too.