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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Weekend break

Off to Cornwall for a few days.

See you soon.

(I hope I don't need these wellies!)


Maggie May said...

I sincerely hope you don't need them too! Have a wonderful time.

Kitty said...

Don't forget the marmalade sandwiches! Have a great time. x

jenny smith said...

Ooh! I love Paddington Bear. He looks like my one I bought in 1985. Daughter has taken him over now.

Have a lovely time

JS xxx

Mean Mom said...

Oh, no! What am I going to read? That's you and maggie may both disappearing!

You can't be going for very long, though, because your suitcase is tiny! The hat is very stylish. Where did you get it? I quite fancy one.

Have a good time!

this is my patch said...

I hope you remembered to pack the marmalade! Have a really lovely time, I wish I was there. x

Liz said...

Hope you've had a wonderful time.

The Dotterel said...

Have fun. (Very jealous!)

Brett said...

have a great time

Akelamalu said...

Have a great time! I hope you don't need the wellies too. We are off to Poland tomorrow and the forecast for there is a lot better than here!

Safe journey. x

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

Yay! Paddington!!!
I love Paddington. He turned 50 last week, did you know?

Hope you have a very good time, and that you are feeling much better.


Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Working mum said...

Love Paddington! Hope he's there with you and you don't need those wellies. Have a good time!