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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Bits and pieces and dentist related items!

Conversation with Small Sprog:

"Can I go to the sweetie shop?"
"No, we have too many sweets in the house as it is"
"Please can I go to the sweetie shop?"
Disappears for a while....
"Look I have my own money, can I go to the sweetie shop?"
"But I really need some sweets"
"You have lots in your jar"
I open the cupboard to produce the jar. It is empty.
"Small Sprog, I'm very upset that you have eaten all your sweets at once"
Tall Girl pipes up "He hasn't eaten them all he's hidden them in his money box!"

Conversation with Tall Girl:

"Mummy my tooth came out"
"Thank goodness for that, perhaps you'll be able to eat normally again!" This after weeks of chewing on one side of her mouth and eating v e r y slowly.
"Look" She exclaims, pushing it up close to my nose.
"Yuck, there's still food in it"
Disappears for a while....
"Mummy!" Anguished scream "I've lost my tooth down the plug hole!"
"Oh dear" Laughing
"I want it back" Crying
"But you don't believe in the Tooth Fairy anymore"
"I want it back" Wailing
"Because it was my tooth!"
Drama Queen!

More bits:

Maggie May has commented that she wants to know the outcome of the dentist visit! I have been too ashamed to write about it because, after all the fuss, it was of little consequence. One small filling and no pain! So next time I get into a state of panic please feel free to remind me that I am being a baby!

It's been an interesting few days.
Just a normal suburban life on the surface of it all.


Does anyone know anything about caterpillars?! These two are rather spectacular specimens from the garden that I have found over the last few days. The first one may be the Caterpillar of the Red Admiral butterfly but I have no idea about the second one. Any ideas?


Hadriana's Treasures said...

Like the children stories...we fight a losing battle sometimes sweetie-wise. Although I know of one family who do not allow their children to eat chocolate and then the parents have the chocolate themselves! I dare not say any more!!!

Can Bass 1 said...

Absolutely no idea; sorry!

Maggie May said...

Sorry I can't identify the caterpillars. Maybe if I go & see if there are any butterfly books lying around I will have a go.
Glad the dentist turned out to be painless! I don't like going either.
So you didn't get the plumber in then to rescue the tooth from the sink?
Sweets all in one go! Dentist visits ahead!

Elizabeth said...

I feel sorry TallGirl lost her tooth.
I would have been very mad too.
It was HERS after all!

Liz said...


Oh I do love Small Sprog! And Tall girl! You are bringing up two exceptional children.

BS5 Blogger said...

More Sprogisms and a rare loss of control for TG, I reckon!

I can't advise on the caterpillars, Sub'.

Mean Mom said...

Moths can be as lovely as butterflies and their caterpillars are nearly always more interesting! I think that the first picture may be a yellow-tail tussock moth and the second a pale tussock moth. I love a puzzle!

scargosun said...

Once again, I love Small Sprog. He is a genius. I am so glad your dental trip went well. You are allowed to complain about it and be worried. Isn't is great when you are DONE!?

Rose said...

Small Sprog and I have something in common:)
Wish I could help with the caterpillar i.d.; I know that many of the garden bloggers I read could probably identify them. You could check out a butterfly book or website and probably find them there, but the trouble always is searching through hundreds of pictures to find the one that matches. Great photos, though!

blogthatmama said...

The 'it's my own money' conundrum is one I'd love to know the right answer to!

Hullaballoo said...

Small sprog is such a dreamboat, how adorably ingenious. I love hearing your mothering stories, they are delightful, as are you.

Re the dentist, what can I say? And where did Tall Girl get her drama queen tendancies from? Well..?


Kitty said...

Oooh was it a big tooth? We've been having chewing issues with a big back tooth for months! Wish the darned thing would just come out.

I feel you and I live in a parallel universe to one another.

Those are fab caterpillars. Hope you find out what they are.


Dragonstar said...

Don't know about the caterpillars, but I sympathise with Tall Girl over that tooth. I remember my eldest (drama queen is too mild a description!) giving us no peace for ages (It only felt like years!) with a loose tooth. Wouldn't give it that last tug, and ended by swallowing it. There were so many tears that we tried to find it - really we did! - but she'd been eating peanuts. I'll leave it to you to imagine what it was like.

Suburbia said...

Hadrianna, that amounts to child cruelty surely?!

Hi Maggie, I've looked in our books but they have loads of big pics of the butterfly and weeny pics of the catepillars which are also in black and white. Useless really!

Hi Elizabeth, we did manage to retrieve it from the u bend!!

Thanks you so much Liz

BS5, not sure about the rare loss, she is and aspiring teenager!

Thanks Mean mom, I'll go and look those up, I did think they may be moths.

Scargosun, I felt so elated when it was all over! Stupid really.

Rose, does your sweetie addiction make you hide the sweets in your money box though?! Candy or chocolate?

Blogthatmama, I was relying on you to advise me!

Hulla, are you insinuating I may have passed on the drama queen gene?!

Kity, it was her molar. I share your pain!!!

Dragonstar LOL!!That was beyond the call of duty, but then it proves that you'll do ANYTHING for your kids!!