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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Another moment form suburbia

Everyday, when I pick Small Sprog up from school, he says the same thing;
"When I get home can I have a sweetie?" No niceties like "Hi mum have you had a nice day?" Nope, he has one thing on his mind. Food!

My reply is always the same. "Yes just one, but you have to wash your hands first!" (I hope I don't pass on my OCD, about clean hands and food, to him in later years!)

However today was different. When I arrived to pick him up he said "Mum, when I get home, can I have an orange?" Yay! All the talk about healthy eating at home and at school has sunk in at last! I ruffle his curls and smile......My Boy!

On the way home I asked him what he had had for dinner. "Lots of lovely stuff" Was the reply. Today it was roast Beef and Yorkshire Pud and, just to finish it off, there was his other favourite, Jelly! So he was a very happy Small Sprog. As we got out of the car and unlocked the front door he said "Mum, can I have a sweetie?" Oh well, at least the thought was there for a second.

No sooner had we walked through the front door than Tall Girl texted me. "Where are you?" She messaged. Damn it, she was supposed to be getting off in the village to do her Christmas shopping and phoning me later when she wanted to be picked up. Small Sprog had only just reached for the sweetie jar and it was snatched from his clutches immediately!

So off we go again, (he had an orange in the back of the car and didn't complain) back out into the cold to pick her up at the same place we had picked her up the night before. When we arrived she was nowhere to be seen. "I'd take that mobile off her" Says a small voice from the back of the car!

I get out my phone and call her, 3 times. Eventually she answered. "Where are you?" I asked and continued "I'm where I was yesterday, the meeting place, and you are??!"

By this time I can see her at the top of the road. "Run!" I shout down the phone, laughing as see her break into a vague trot!

Is this just a taste of things yet to come? I think it maybe. Hayho! I guess I'll just add 'general taxi service' to my (rather long) job description.

And the photo? Nothing to do with anything really! I just thought I haven't put one on here for a while, so here is the sunset on a lovely, but cold beach, taken on the day the clocks changed in October. It'll soon be the shortest day and then we can look forward to summer, yay!


Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

lovely pic...and yes it is the picture of things to come...!!

The Dotterel said...

I like that- there's nothing like a bit of positive thinking!

mrsnesbitt said...

LOL! Love the wisdom from small sprog from back of seat!

Akelamalu said...

I'mm afraid it is the picture of things to come! :(

jenny smith said...

What a beautiful picture. Would love to photograph a sunset one day. Or something as picturesque as that anyway.

when daughter used to go to playgroup until 12.30 and i would scoop her up in my arms , she would shout "magic stars! magic stars!" immediately. Of course wanting those horrible chocolate star shaped things. Never mind a Hello Mummy or anything!

blogthatmama said...

Yes indeed it's a taste of things to come, start limbering up Suburbia!

BS5 Blogger said...

By the look of it, SS did not have his sweet. Can I have first refusal on it instead? Is it a good sweet?


Maggie May said...

Lovely photo & I like the sound of the shortest day nearly over!
Things get steadily more complicated!

the eternal worrier said...

Sounds like you’re entering the “Parent Taxi” era. I drove here and there for years for my eldest daughter. It was amazing how she would ring while I was on my way to pick her up, but when you get there she’s not ready! Oh...I cant agree more about the shortest day, roll on.

Elizabeth said...

Yes, taxi-mama this is your future calling.
Except when mine were teens they only had beepers not cell phones and I had to spend hours calling all their friends' mothers to track them down!!!

Rose said...

Oh yes, this is just the beginning! Thank goodness for cell phones does make it easier to keep track of them, as long as they have it on:)

cheshire wife said...

The photo is wonderful! Looking forward to the shortest day then soon, hopefully, it will be spring.

French Fancy said...

How great that he's eating oranges voluntarily though. I think my mum had to try disguised fruit on me

Grit said...

... and delurking today to say hi. late as usual.

Anonymous said...

YS says the same thing, each every day. He then crumples on the ground when I decline or worse still, offer him an oatcake as an alternative.

Now I am wondering how small sprog managed to eat an orange in the back of the car without spraying the ceiling with juice. Did you make him eat it in a bag? (the orange, not the child!)

Letty - A Little Girl With A Curl said...

Small Wise Sprog for Prime Minister I say!

oh and the travails with Tall Girl, I hate to be the one to tell you this, but from wise experience, the worst is yet to come!

There will be a sandwich filling of a few years of this, then you will arrive back together as the best of friends! I know, it happened to me and my Tall Girl.

She recently admitted to me, she was so mad with me about something, she sprayed the whole of my treasured and expensive perfume out of the bathroom window........

Now we are like the best of friends.

What goes around, comes around I guess.

I love your family stories, they remind me so much of my brood!

Especially Small Sprog!

love from Letty ;0)

Letty - A Little Girl With A Curl said...

oh and meant to say, my darling Pa's birthday was 23 January, and we always used to say, this was the day when the evenings started to get lighter.

Roll on the 23 January, I hate these dark nights!