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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Cloud Watching

Sleep is supposed to be a great healer, and Small Sprog slept through most of the night last night without too much coughing. Hopefully the hospital visits are over, and thanks for all of your concern recently, it has kept me going!

I have also caught up on my sleep a little and lazed in bed awhile this morning, with the curtains open, watching the clouds whip passed the window in the sharp northeast wind, making pictures in the sky. The colours mauve and grey with blue sky beyond were beautiful to see.

Lying on my side, staring out with my thoughts far away, I felt Husband put his arm over me (rather than around). It felt awkward, a strangers arm, with nowhere to go. I lay still, and although I could have turned over and regained something that is lost, I choose to cloud watch instead, very quietly, until the time had passed and I was alone again.

Time here is moving more slowly than in most places. There is a large cloud on the horizon and I am not sure when it will finally approach, how long can I leave it, how long will it take, or if I am strong enough to make it through the storm?


Rose said...

I'm glad Small Sprog is doing better. It's not easy keeping up with a "super-charged" child when you are sleep-deprived yourself.

I hope you had a pleasant visit with Mother-in-law; I remember many tense visits with my own MIL. She was a dear lady in many ways, but liked to control other people's lives, if you know what I mean.

Clouds often move slowly and peacefully; you have time to watch them and prepare in case they turn into a storm. Take care.

LOL, the word verification is "Butch." I know this doesn't relate to anything here, but it struck me as funny.

Maggie May said...

Aw...... Suburbia, that is a poignant post. Could be a little blip that you are going through. Hope it is nothing more. I do understand.
Glad that Small Sprog has got stronger and has had no more hospital visits.

It is Sod's law that all that time during term time that others were coughing all around me & I remained so healthy, that now when I need to be fit, all I have done is cough, cough, cough! i just hope I don't infect my family.

Hullaballoo said...

Time for some panpering you time, honey. Foot baths, face packs and beautiful body oils have helped give me a boost in similar times.

Thinking about big things when you are sleep deprived can make them seem bigger and badder (as YS would say).

I hear there are some good films on at the cinema.....

Take care, dear one.

Hulla xx

Lindsay said...

Glad your family is getting some rest! Just as clouds form in the sky - they can quickly move away to sunshine (metaphorically speaking).

BS5 Blogger said...

Hi Sub,

I am glad SS is a better little chap and has caught up on sleep.

Let's hope some of those clouds were interesting shapes against a possible stormy sky?

Happy days to you and thanks for this Blog which is always a pleasure to take part in.

The Dotterel said...

Troubled thoughts, Suburbia. The clouds may pass; you never know.

Ms Wiz said...

Time does move slowly, but also sneaks up on you and before you know it that cloud has attached itself and can seem irremovable. I hope you find a way through it. I am still carrying mine around ...

Akelamalu said...

Good to hear small sprog is feeling better. Talking of coughing I've been at it since Boxing Day and now my ribs hurt! :(

The rest of your post sounds a bit ominous I'm sorry to say. I do hope that cloud on the horizon doesn't rain on you. xx

blogthatmama said...

Sorry to hear about Small Sprog Suburbia and am saying a little prayer for you here that everything rights itself without too much pain. Blogthatmamax

Lakeland Jo said...

Glad to hear small sprog is getting better. Teenager has mild asthma which is controlled by a preventer morning and night. He has never had an attack since he was diagnosed, but the day we found out and he couldn't breath was really scarey. I do send all my best wishes.
I hope 2009 works out well for you, and the clouds will have lots of silver linings

Jennysmith said...

Suburbia, you have been through a traumatic time with small sprog. Your thoughts are bound to wander all over the place and you will look to the clouds for comfort. I really hope you get some proper rest.

happy new year xxx

Kitty said...

So pleased SS is much better - must have been so scary.

And that storm? It won't come until and unless you are strong enough to withstand it, honest it won't.


Liz said...

You're strong enough.

McBöbø said...

Dearest Suburbia. I find it very hard to respond to such a sad, heartfelt post.

Part of me wants to encourage you to embrace what change your clouds bring.

Part wants you to not notice the clouds, and see the loveliness in between.

Part wants to give you back the sadness I felt, and tell you to go do something constructive with it.

Part wants to you to hold tight to what you treasure.

(I'm a man of several parts, apparently). So, dear Suburbia, make of that what you will!

Letty - A Little Girl With A Curl said...

I am glad Small Sprog is better too. Nothing worse than a child who is poorly.

Your post truly is poignant, not sure how to comment.

I just wish you all the best with whatever decision you make in the forthcoming year.

I hope you turn towards Husband though, I like happy endings.

But then again I do not know your true situation, so what I may think a happy ending may not be so.

Letty ;0(