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Saturday, December 06, 2008


This morning Tall Girl and I took the bunnies to the vets. Ruby rabbit has mites, so she was poked with a needle and told to come back in 10 days for another, £30 for that, damn rabbits cost a fortune!

Later on we had the 'Nit Children' from down the road, here to play. Another £10 on organophosphate needed sometime in the future most likely!

The youngest 'nit child' is a girl, she is Small Sprogs age. The oldest is a boy, he is the same age as Tall Girl. He hangs around a bit when Tall Girl is about, which is kind of cute. However, because she is so tall for her age, the boy nit child is very much shorter than her!

They have played here and up and down the street for most of the day and in and out of each others houses too. The boys play and the girls play separately. However the boy nit child is never far behind Tall Girl.

This evening she has come home with various new tunes on her phone, downloaded from nit boys phone. Also some ring tones which say 'fuck', a lot! Small Sprog was singing them at dinner time. He knows it's a ''bad'' word, but is confident that I won't tell him off for using it. I do try to be liberal with them! He is aware that he must not say the words anywhere else or in front of other adults. I trust him and he has not let me down so far. I do remember being his age and hearing this word, knowing it was 'wrong' but not knowing what it meant or why I shouldn't use it. They both are fully versed in the meaning and do not use it in there everyday vocabulary. I hope I have done the right thing.

Anyway, at tea time I was chatting to Tall Girl about her new tunes. "You know Nit Boy fancies you don't you?" I said to her, thinking she was totally unaware of the whole thing as she acts very nonchalantly when he's around.
"I know" She said in a matter of fact voice, and flounced off!
Ah! She is further advanced than I thought!


Maggie May said...

You know, Suburbia that you are making me itch what with the rabbit mites and the nit children. LOL

I seem to be surrounded at school by nit children. Some seem to have a continual problem and no one seems to take it seriously like when I was a kid. They would have been banned from the school & from playing with anybody. Isn't it better today!

Got to go & take a shower & wash my hair! Really!

elizabethm said...

Mmm, remember the sense of knowing it that 12 year old way. Haven't thought about that for a very long time!

Letty - A Little Girl With A Curl said...

yes, itching here too!

Having had all three of mine at one time with the nit comb in force, and me, the one who hates anything which crawls and breeds! endlessly.

I am pleased to read Tall Girl is learning so early the art of The Flounce, it has always come in handy I find over the years.

A flounce is a good thing!

Happy days eh?

No worries about them knowing the bad words, as you say, as long as they know when "not" to say them.

Love and much light, Letty ;0)

Mine unfortunately learned all their 'bad' words from me, when I was driving and they were innocent passengers..............

Dori said...

I remember coming home from school one day and using a "bad" word. My poor mom--she didn't know what it meant but knew it probably wasn't polite and advised me to refrain from using words if I didn't know their meaning. Wise words.

Ha, word verification is "do love". Always amusing.!

BS5 Blogger said...

Hi Sub, I think that's a very fine take on the use of the F word with your children, and great that SS has not let you down. Respect to that! Mother of the month, I reckon...

Mean Mom said...

A visit to the vet is so expensive! Hope you get rid of the mites and don't get the nits.

Swear words are so commonplace, nowadays. It's a bit more confusing for youngsters to understand the rules.

My eldest was fascinated by the t shirts, with rude words, when he was an older teenager. He worked part time and so had his own money. One day he wore a t shirt, with B*****KS on the back in ENORMOUS letters. We had a lengthy discussion about it and when he was bolshy, it got lost in the wash. Not before my neighbour had managed to see it and put in a complaint, however!! After that, I considered wearing it myself, just to piss my neighbour off. ;0)

Akelamalu said...

Our eldest grandson aged 3 at the time was watching football with his Daddy when he suddenly blurted out "Oh for Fu**s sake!" - it made my son realise he had to be careful of his language in front of the children! I believe the more fuss you make of such things the more attractive they become to children so I think you've done exactly right with small sprog as long as he realises he must not use such words in everyday language. :)

Letty - A Little Girl With A Curl said...

I know I have already commented on this one, (I am not senile yet it appears!) but as we are on a vet visit today I am preparing to take out a small bank loan from Gordon Brown.

If he would be so kind.

Vets are sooooooooooo expensive nowadays, a pal of mine reckons when she goes in the surgery she sees his eyes light up with £ signs.

I will keep you posted on the damage!

Letty With A Sick Dog

Liz said...

When I used to tell the children that they shouldn't be watching something on television because of the bad language, they used to shake their heads and sigh, 'You should come to our school for a day, mum.' And theirs was a 'good' school.

They still try to be polite in my hearing ...

Anonymous said...

Mine know not to say it in front of me - I just have to remember not to say it in front of them!
My 13ry old also has a follower - he fiddles with the straps of her school bag every time she has to sit next to him at school - she moans about it but knows he is trying to get closer to her and rolls her eyes at his tactics!