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Thursday, April 19, 2012

The New Boy Band

Small Sprog and friends have created themselves a band. They are allowed to use the music dept facilities at school during lunchtime. His recent Facebook pic showed the four of them together with the words 'The Band With No Name'. In the comments one of them had said "Thought we'd got a name?"
"Not yet" said another "Thought of 'The Nutters' though"! Too true I thought. And so it begins..

Today Small Sprog gets into the car. "We've got a name"
"Oh good" I say "What is it?"
"Good name" I say, thinking I must try not to get it mixed up with my lawn mower -Flymo- or worse still the nick name that Lovely Man calls the lawn mower (Spazmo, which I know is very politically incorrect and I hope I have not offended anyone here).
"Who thought of it?"
"Me, but Alex thought of the slogan 'Hot Chicks And Rock And Roll'!"
"Oh!" I say "Do you know, sometimes there are things I wish I didn't know Small Sprog!" Goodness me they are only 12.

Anyway, he persuades me to let him leave his guitar at school so they can continue to practice. I agree and am secretly pleased because he really needs to practice loads more, it's not until later on in the conversation that I realise another boy is playing his guitar (his mother, sensibly, won't let him leave his guitar at school) and Small Sprog is vocals. So much for the guitar practice then, but he does have a good singing voice and it's way better than his guitar playing.

In the back of the car I ask him what they are currently rehearsing. He starts to sing, which always makes me smile. "Have you downloaded the lyrics?" I ask
"No, I know them all backwards"
"Go on then" Says his sister
"Go on what?" I ask confused
"Sing it backwards" she says with a 'duhh' sort of voice
"No" I say "He doesn't mean really 'backwards', it's a figure of speech"
"Oh" she says disappointedly and then, loosing interest, she asks "Can I have the radio on?"
I look at Small Sprog and raise my eyebrows, sometimes she just doesn't get it!


Furtheron said...

From small acorns do lifetime obsessions blossom... trust me I live it daily :-)

I was about to say I was never into the "hot chicks" element but then realized my now wife was introduced to me at a music event - big band jazz night in support of a school PTA - she was introduced to me by a drummer... she then said "I saw you in your other band last Thursday at the youth club"... that was over 31 years ago now... The next time I saw her was hanging about at a sound check in Chatham as I returned with a new pickup I'd bought - she wasn't interested then, she isn't interested now :-)

Steve said...

Look forward to seeing his debut on MTV!

nick said...

I'll expect to see them on the Jools Holland show very shortly....

Rob-bear said...

Ah, the delights of early "success." Could be over in a week; could keep him busy until he has doubled his age.

So sweet!

Looking for Blue Sky said...

Reminds me of those happy days when I was in a school band and we sang girlie versions of Simon and Garfunkel! One of us did go on to become a jazz singer though, so you never know :)

Maggie May said...

Watch this space..... he could be the next new boy band! Loved the post. Typical brother & sister thing!
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Rose said...

"Hot chicks and rock and roll"

I think Justin Bieber is getting a little old for his audience, so who knows, Small Sprog might be the next tween idol!

Letty - A Little Girl With A Curl said...

and this one cheered me up and made me laugh!! See my previous comments on your post re Tall Girl!!