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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Koko Cat

So we brought home a sixteen year old cat with issues.... Here he is stealing food from the pot during a TV dinner - it was risotto. His back end resembles that of a sloth - and smells quite similar believe me.

Now this might look as though he is an interesting and adventurous cat, however that is far form the truth! No, dear reader, he is the most boring cat in the world! So boring, in fact, that I am tempted to make up an on-line personality for him. Well he is 16 I guess and quite an old man in cat years, but to be honest, he really is a massive drain on resources and a huge nuisance but we still love him dearly (though Tall Girl is already fantasizing about having a kitten when he is 'gone').

The worst thing about him is the noise he makes, he may be quite deaf, so he miaows extremely loudly when the house is quiet, and when might this house be at it's quietest? At night. So now he sleeps in the kitchen so that the rest of us can get some beauty sleep.

However as I was ironing the children's school uniform this afternoon - yes I am Domestic Goddess and have washed AND dried the uniform for Monday ALREADY- and I realised there was more cat fluff on the black trousers and tops when they came out of the machine than when they went in. How did that happen? And then I remembered... Koko Cat sleeps in the kitchen at night. I reckon he slips fur balls into the machine overnight just to get his own back!

Yep, that must be it. Here he is, caught in the act.


Dicky Carter said...

He does actually look like a sloth!

Suburbia said...

Dicky, I know :-0

Maggie May said...

A very sly sloth!
Keeps YOU out of mischief waiting on him like a slave!
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Irene said...

For a minute there I thought you had turned on the dryer with the cat in it.

Suburbia said...

Gosh no! Can't believe people can do that without noticing :-(

Rob-bear said...

Not only aged, but huge! Perfectly able to eat you out of house and home, and then some. Plus, of course, his meds.

Still, if you love him, I suppose it's a good thing to have him.

On-line persona for Koko? Why not? You are a good writer; it could become a children's (or adult's) book! Perhaps TG and Not-so-small S could help with the story lines.

Just don't get catty on us. Please.

nick said...

Not that boring - he can obviously be quite mischievous when he wants to be!

Rose said...

Ha, he reminds me of our Toby so much, Suburbia:) If someone (i.e., Daughter) leaves the clothes dryer open for a few minutes, Toby slips in and refuses to come out for hours. I guess it's a comfy place to sleep:)