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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ruby May

Today at a christening, it suddenly struck me how strange life is. There is my Tall Girl with the baby on her lap, beaming and cooing to her as if she were her own. The baby's uncle sits next to me and reminisces about when he held my Tall Girl as a baby, and how her big brown eyes stared out of her small pink face in wonder at the world. And I, in turn, remember holding him at the same age, remember his birth, remember him growing up, all those years ago.

So much water under the bridge since then, so many lives touched, so many twists and turns of fate. Yet here we are, all together for this new small bundles big day, all together again. It is reassuring.

Through my life I have lost touch with lots of people, some on purpose and some with carelessness. Sometimes I search the web to find a name. Pointless of course.

Today I am grateful for my friends.


Maggie May said...

Ruby May is a perfect name!
How lovely to have all those memories. Two different babies on two different occasions!
Time does fly and it is just as well that we don't know what is in store for us. We'd never cope if we knew!
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Saz said...

luv saz x

Miss Sadie said...

Powerful moments, these family gatherings for "rites of passage." A time for remembering past events, and savouring the present, with who holds/held whom and all.

I was thinking a while ago about friends lost, mostly through carelessness.

But the world is large; there are new friends I have yet to meet.

I wish you happy travels among your friends and family.

She Writes said...

Mee tooo!

Steve said...

The generations are never separate; always and forever interlinked.

Rose said...

Times like these remind me, too, of the important bonds in my life. You're never alone as long as you have family and friends by your side.

Eternal Worrier said...

Yep, they grow way too quickly.

Furtheron said...

sometime the searches do come up trumps ... I have made some re-connections and my wife got together with one of our bridesmaids after probably 15 years sailing different oceans a little while back