Almost daily diary!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday is my day off......

Today I have :
Done the weeks food shopping,
shopped for Christmas presents.

Overheard this whilst in one shop;
"Now I did speak my mind Karen"
"You always do mum!" Spat out rather than said!

Went home to unload.
Hid the presents before picking up the children form school!
Picked up Small Sprog
Visited the post office (long queue) The assistant said that there is always a long queue on a Monday (put on more b****y staff then!).
Made a mental note not to go to the post office on a Monday again before Christmas.
Picked up Tall Girl from the bus stop
Broke the World Land Speed Record trying to get Small Sprog home to use the toilet 'urgently'!
Composed a letter to Tall Girls science teacher (who really p***ed me off)
Cooked Dinner early so that I could:
Take Small Sprog to his maths tutor on time
Re write above letter taking out the insults and the aggressive tone!!
Feed the Bunnies
Fetch Small Sprog whilst Husband took Tall Girl to guides

Almost there! (can you hear me panting? It's not excitement it's exhaustion!)
Then I:
Fed Small Sprog pudding
Read Small Sprog a story (and sang the 12 days of Christmas!)
Put Small Sprog to bed
Made a cake (new recipe)
Went to pick up Tall Girl and friend
Dropped off friend
Fed Tall Girl pudding
Took cake out of oven (Looks OK!)
Said goodnight to Tall Girl and voila! Here I am, fresh as a daisy!!
Now I must just go and sew Tall Girls badge on and.........................Zzzzzz


Lakeland Jo said...

would love to know more about the cake-I just fancy a piece

blogthatmama said...

Sleep well!

Maggie May said...

I am really exhausted now & am going to bed. Nite X

Elizabeth said...

Sounds pretty exhausting to me!
I just bought some fabric and some Brussels sprouts and wandered around aimlessly.
Quite nice when your children have left home.

Fi from Four Paws and Whiskers said...

Makes a day at the office sound peaceful! Why do we expect so much of ourselves as mothers?

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

gosh l'm tired just reading that....
it was my day off also...

the eternal worrier said...

Why do days off always end up being so busy? I think ‘I wont do much today, just sit around and relax,’ but end up running around all over the place doing stuff!

Brett said...

Nice restful day then!

Nick said...

Oh, you didn't mention the 20 more pages of your novel you'll be polishing off before you finally collapse into bed. Too modest, I guess.

Rose said...

Whew! I'm worn out just reading this, Suburbia. Ah, I remember those days of rushing around after the kids and getting them to all their activities. Other people looked forward to weekend activities; I looked forward to the weekend to catch up on work.

Glad you went back and toned down your letter to the science teacher; you'll be glad you did.

Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

I don't know how the time goes so fast.....

you certainly are kept busy!

sorry I am logged in as my dog, but you know who I am!!

ps have started dog blogging again, rather overwhelmed by the amount of welcome back comments though! But it was lovely nevertheless to welcome back old friends!!

Letty ;0)

Kitty said...

And men would have us know that women who are at home all day do absolutely NOTHING all day except sit around watching daytime TV. ;-) x

Liz said...

I'm impressed that you made cake!

Those evenings were dreadful,, always clock watching, never able to relax (i.e. take your fit-to-be-seen-in clothes off) until everyone was home from wherever.

Now I keep thinking about cake.

Mean Mom said...

You're so busy. I'm worn out just reading all of that. I've been sitting in my comfy chair with my feet up all day. ;0)

(No, not really - honest!)

Hadriana's Treasures said...

Well done! Can I have some of your energy pills please?

Dori said...

The one thing I wish someone had explained to me regarding Motherhood before children is that it never really gets easier--it just changes and evolves! Rest...breath...and enjoy a relaxing day at work! :D

cheshire wife said...

I am amazed that you found time to write a post. You must have more hours in your day than I have in mine.

Working mum said...

I want to borrow your time machine!