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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Just one moment

It's not very often that you are touched (in a good way) by a stranger. Really touched I mean, not metaphorically, not in a "I'm touched that you cared" sort of way. I mean in the hands on way. It's such a human need, to be touched and caressed. I'll do a few air kisses with friends and distant relatives, but when it comes to actually hugging, that's mostly reserved for the children. What would I do without them? But today I was touched by a stranger, well a relative stranger anyway.

This evening I went to Pilates. The studio is always warm and smells of something vaguely sweet but legal! Just being there makes you feel good. My teacher is quite a strange little man, fairly insignificant in many ways, very much in his own quiet world. He always asks how I am and if I have any 'stressed out' bits that hurt. I mentioned my neck (which is always the place that feels the stress first) so he laid me down and worked a little magic. He held my neck and caressed my head, gently freeing up the tension there. I closed my eyes and drifted away, caught in the moment, relaxed, bathed in the warmth, felt refreshed and couldn't help smiling!

When you've been in a relationship with the same person for years, you forget what another mans touch is like, the warmth and softness of another persons hands, moving with care. It took my breath away. It wasn't sexual, or erotic, but it was a pleasure and quite sensual but nothing more. I am still smiling.


Elizabeth said...

In New York when you have a manicure you often get a neck/shoulder massage too.
As you can imagine, I'm addicted.
To hell with the nails - get on to the good bit!

jenny smith said...

Hi. Its funny how these things can catch you unawares and touch you spiritually. You sound like you're having a better experience of pilates than i did.

Susan said...

I sometimes wish that me and Mr. Honey could meet and romance each other again. I miss that time when a simple touch made you warm from inside out and you had tht smile that you couldn't hold in. I wish it could stay that way~we seem to have lost that courting romance. Oh we still love each other~we just forget to romance each other! Happy Thanksgiving! I do hope you were less stressed after your class.

Mean Mom said...

You're right, of course, it is a human need to be touched. Your pilates teacher has found his ideal job, it seems. ;0)

I've never been a huggy, kissy person, except with my husband and children. I just feel embarrassed and awkward. I try and duck out of those sort of things with other family members, or friends.

My last hairdresser used to do head massages, however, which were absolutely wonderful!

I haven't been touched recently by another man, however. I think I might even feel slightly guilty about it. (I have been married since 1976, though, so I'll leave you all puzzling about the use of the word 'recently'.) ;0)

Lakeland Jo said...

glad you enjoyed. Just reminds me I need a massage!

Maggie May said...

Wow! That is exactly what I could do with!
I do have problems with my neck!
Sounds like a great place to get rid of those tensions.

nick said...

Sounds good. Here in Northern Ireland we all hug and kiss each other quite a lot, we're less reserved like that. Very healthy I think, physical affection is good for your well-being.

BS5 Blogger said...


Kitty said...

How lovely. It sounds perfect.

I saw the doctor this week - first time a man's seen me with my top off in a long time.


Liz said...

I'm not a touchy person but wish I were. It always feels good being touched or touching but it's such an effort to break out of my norm.

He sounds a wonderful - if slightly weird from your description! - litle man.