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Monday, May 17, 2010

Out to lunch!

I arrived at Mums a little late today. She met me at the front door with her coat on "Come on" she said, "We're going out for lunch!"( Not even a 'Hello'!)

It was 2pm, I dutifully jumped into her car, she didn't want to miss last orders!

Now it was very sweet and kind of her to take me for lunch, and also very fortuitous that I had not already eaten, because I do so like my food! However, I had spent so much time sorting out my car on the phone before leaving, that I hadn't managed to fit in lunch, nor even a second breakfast!

Anyway, off she drove me, into the very beautiful Cotswold's.

We went VERY quickly, in fact, if I had mistakenly eaten before hand, I'm sure I would have had an empty stomach again by the time we had reached the top of Cleeve Hill. She drives like the wind, steers like she's reliving a very tricky stage on Marrio Kart and breaks at the last possible minute. We arrived at the desired destination almost before we'd left! Phew, I needed a drink, never mind lunch. She however emerged from the car as cool as a cucumber and proceeded to usher me in to the Corner Cupboard, which is not as it sounds, but a very small and typical country pub.

We had a lovely meal, velvety Steak and Ale Pie with chips and peas, lots of French mustard and a good swig of vinegar on my chips, mmmm! However my enjoyment of the meal was slightly marred by the thought of whether I would manage to keep it in my stomach for the whole of the return journey back down the hill, but then she mentioned pud...

"You have to have a pud" She insisted "and they all come with ice cream, you have to try it"
"I'm not really bothered about the ice cream, and I'm very full" I replied, hoping not to sound ungrateful. "If I ask for the ice cream, do you want mine?"
She nodded in approval. Goodness, I thought!

While waiting for puds we started to chat about my stepfather;
"It's a shame he couldn't come" I say
"Oh, he could have" She replied
"Well, why didn't he?" I ask puzzled
"I told him you might want to talk" She hissed, as if someone would hear.
"Oh" I said, hoping I hadn't disappointed by not divulging any more woes to her, I had told her about the car accident on the phone, I mean as if that wasn't enough after everything else?!
"So will you have to cook for him later?"
"No, he's eaten"
"You've left him a sandwich?"
"No he ate out"
"Oh, that's nice, where did he go?"
"The Kings Arms"
"Lovely, who with?"
"Oh no, he was by himself"
"You made him go by himself?!"
"But I thought you might want to talk"
How could she?!

Anyway, the puds came and we waded through the gateaux. Both of us were rather full and wondered if we may just not quite manage it all. I looked at Mums plate. "I don't think I can manage the rest" She says defeated by the huge portion of White Chocolate and Blueberry Gateaux.
"You don't want my ice cream then?"
"Oh yes, I can manage that" She said delighted "It won't take up any room at all!"

You've got to love her!


Maggie May said...

So did you talk????????!!!!!!!!!!!!
At least she didn't bring SF. That was really thoughtful.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Suburbia said...

Thoughtful not to, but making him go out to lunch by himself?!! Made me chuckle Maggie :)

BS5 Blogger said...

I had no dea you were such a foodie...

Steve said...

Your mum can take me out to lunch anytime she likes. I like people who insist on pud.

nick said...

Poor stepfather, left by himself because you might want to talk! Hope he had a good book handy....

I don't mind fast drivers, they're usually quite safe in practice. It's probably the slow drivers like me you need to watch.

Rose said...

Your Mum sounds like quite a character:) I'd gladly share my dessert with her.

Did I miss something about a car accident??

Elizabeth said...

Yes, pud is good!

Working Mum said...

My mum has the same philosophy about ice cream! Your mum sounds like a real character though, making her husband go out by himself.

PS You've made me want that gateaux and I'm trying to lose weight!

Furtheron said...

Ice cream doesn't count... does it? :-)

Akelamalu said...

Aw how thoughtful of her! Did you talk?

Suburbia said...

We didn't really 'talk'! I had had a few chats on the phone over the weeks, so all had been said really. Sometimes I think I shouldn't tell her anything, she worries so.

And yes, someone took the front bumper off my car at the weekend. My car was parked on the road and she was trying to park in the space in front of me. I have no idea how she managed to do it, you could have got a bus in the space in front! Annoying and inconvenient, but luckily she was insured and no one was hurt, so hard to complain.

Ice cream definitely doesn't count for my Mum!

Jennysmith said...

Mums, eh?

My mum thinks I'm anorexic if I don't have at least two helpings of anything!

What are they like!

Carol said...

My Mum tells me that I'm putting on weight then says that I 'must have' desert...LOL!! Still, I don't see her very often since she's in Scotland and I'm in Wiltshire so I guess having a pudding or two won't hurt now and again :-)

C x

this is my patch said...

Mums are the best! I remember mine used to drive like the clappers, and she used to expect me to have a big lunch at hers, when I was having a big dinner at ours! x

Chic Mama said...

Sounds lovely. I love lunches like that. :0)