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Friday, May 07, 2010

The futures bright, dinner is orange!

Tall Girl has been having cookery lessons at school this last term. She enjoys cooking and is quite good at it. Cookery lessons are on a Wednesday or a Friday, so sometimes I don't get to eat the fruits of her labours, because she stays with her Dad every other Wednesday or Friday night. However I am always interested in how well she's done, so when I know she's not coming home I text her and ask how it went...

A few weeks ago she was making curry. I texted her on the bus home; it was a very well travelled curry!
'How does it look?' I wrote
'Orange!' She replied

The following week she made sweet and sour chicken. We were going to eat it for our evening meal and we had a guest to dinner, so I texted her on the bus, just to see if I needed a hasty trip to the supermarket.
'How does it look?' I wrote
'Orange!' She replied.
It was!

Today she made pizza. I saw her get off the bus as I waited in the car at the traffic lights. She didn't see us. Once the lights were green we turned down the road she had disappeared down minutes before. We could see her in the distance...we wound down the windows of the car, slowed to a curb crawling speed and before she could turn around we shouted and sang her name out of the window whilst beeping the horn! She is 13. Anything I do embarrasses her, even breathing! Her face was a picture, her friend laughing.

When I arrived home, leaving her to walk with her friend, my phone chirruped. She'd texted me to say she was going to her friends house. Oh no! Maybe I had gone a step too far? I enquired via the normal method but she was fine.
'Don't forget you have dinner with you' I texted
She sent back a 'wink'
'By the way' I type 'What colour is it?'
'Orange, hee hee' came back the reply.

I love my Tall Girl


saz said...

apparently the future is!!

Steve said...

I love a good curry whatever the colour but orange certainly gives things a warm and friendly cast.

Furtheron said...

Brilliant - my daughters cooking is super these days

Kitty said...

No.1 has been doing 'Food Tech' too - we've had a lovely noodle dish, spag bol, pear and chocolate tart, kidney bean burgers, and now she tells me they are doing a 'party food' module. Woohoo! x

BS5 Blogger said...

Lovely post!

Maggie May said...

Well orange is a happy colour like yellow.
Maybe she will get a job with......Orange!

Sounds as though TG has a lovely sense of humour.
That *being embarrassed by your parents * thing usually passes in a year or two! They emerge into lovely people! LOL!
Maggie x

Nuts in May

Reasons said...

Hear hear to cooking daughters!

Jennysmith said...

numm- numm, thats made me hungry that! There's a lot to be said for orange