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Monday, April 28, 2008

What do you like to do on your day off?

What I would like to do on my day off:

Read a book in the sun
Have a chat to my mates
Blog a bit
Lunch with friends
Go to the sea (in my dreams)
Eat chocolate
Buy something pretty

What I did on my day off:
Supermarket shop
Soothed my mother via the phone
Discovered the LEA had lost Tall Girls school application
Panicked a lot
Washed the kitchen floor (as therapy)
Ate a sandwich (standing up) while putting the shopping away
Cancelled one credit card
Helped stressed Husband understand e-mail on Thunderbird 2
Showed him more buttons to press
Cooked tea
Took Tall Girl to Guides (HEIL) because her lift didn't turn up
Put Small Sprog to bed
Fed tall Girl AGAIN last.

There is something about these two lists that doesn't quite match, can you spot it?!!


Liz said...

One day, one day ...

BS5 Blogger said...

Hee hee! Suburbia, now I understand labels - got it at last!

What a busy day you have had.

Hello Liz, how are you?

Liz said...

Hello BS5! We're all on line: we should get chatting on MSN.

Labels. you understand, do you BS5? Suburbia was just asking me about a comment that Bobo had left, which was along the lines of 'labels are for your own sort of filing system benefit'. If you're that organised.

scargosun said...

Say it with me now...
Suburban life is blissful

Fannie Mae said...

The sea - we all need to dip our toes in the sea.

Rose said...

I could have written this a couple years ago! I used to dream of running away...sigh.
But the kids do grow up and move out, you retire, and life gets less stressful. Hold on to your dreams and try to plan a day off just for yourself one of these days. You deserve it!

Böbø said...

Actually Liz, I said labels were for obsessive compulsives who like to categorize things, or for ranters who like to append their posts with a sub-text that allows them to express what they really think ... ish. Or for whatever!

Suburbia: too much pleasing others, not enough pleasing self.

Suburbia said...

Böbø those are the exact words I was trying to find for BS5 but it took me much longer to get there!

Thanks Rose, I know I should treasure them while they are here.

Fannie Mae thanks for dropping in!

Scargosun, I have tried that but it doesn't seem to be working!

Hi Liz, thanks. I like the other use for them that he has 'cleverly' devised! I am not that organised.

BS5 Glad you got it!

beckie said...

There are days...when others plans our lives. Most days! So on days when they don't take full advantage and pamper yourself. Even if it's just spending time with a good book. Cute post!

Queen Goob said...

OMG - You got a day off?!?!?

Grit said...

what an excellent comparison. it gives real life a new perspective.