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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Award Ceremony!

I have some house keeping to do!

I was thrilled to be awarded this!

Thanks Maggie May and
Mother of this Lot!

I think I am supposed to pass it on so here goes. I do have a bit of a problem because I have lots of fun reading BS5 and he chats well and is always good for a laugh, but not sure if he will be too thrilled with this (too girly I suspect) however I hope he won't be offended!
I would also like to pass it on to Liz as well as Rose and VP. I'm not sure if everyone is keen on these things so have avoided others that I love to read. Hope I've not offended anyone, either by giving or leaving out (oh it's a bit Like Christmas with the relatives doing this!!). Thanks again Maggie and Mother of this Lot.

I have also just been awarded with this one from Mother of this Lot. I am thrilled that she has awarded me this one. Thanks so much. I suspect I am supposed to pass it on and I'm not sure how many times, so I will take my time chosing if that's ok and will pass on soon.


Liz said...

Oh thank you! How lovely. I shall have to visit your other awardees too.

Rose said...

Wow! I've been checking your site the last couple days, but nothing new, and I thought, "Oh well, she's off enjoying her holiday." And then this morning I discover three new posts. Your photo of the ocean made me want to travel; you could have told us it was warm, and we would have believed you.
Thanks so much for the award! I love chatting with you.

the mother of this lot said...

Oops - there's another one over here for you!

Suburbia said...

Liz, you're welcome!

Rose, Thanks a lot.

Mother of this Lot, Great,I'm thrilled.

this is my patch said...

Congratulations on receiving your first award. It is difficult to know who to award it back to, but it is only meant as a bit of fun, so no offence should be taken. x

VP said...

Oh my word thanks Suburbia! And I see you got yours from the lovely Louise - well done!

I see you had a good holiday and I love your picture - very talented.