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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A little logic goes a long way.

Today I worked with a small boy at school. I don't write about work usually because of the confidentiality of the children but I don't think this will hurt.

This lovely boy is aged 8 on the outside but inside he is around 3 years old. I'm working a lot more with him at the moment which is nice because it means we can get to know each other better. Today we shared a book together. After reading the story I asked him which picture in the book was his favourite. He quickly decided on the page with a large and very clear picture of a house. 'Would you like to draw me a picture of the house?' I asked. He said he would and we found some paper and a pencil and he set about the task. He drew a large circle. He can do circles and straight lines and the ones he does are good and praise goes a long way.
'That's a good house' I said 'what about the windows?'
' I don't want to do those' he said.
'A door?' I suggested.
'How will we get into the house?' I asked
'knock' he replied!
Of course, silly me.


Brett said...

Lovely, your comment on Saturdays song got me looking at it in a totally different way! As for yesterday post i'm impressed my wife would have just left it to me.

Brett said...

Saturdays song came up on the player as i was finishing the post, chose it as not many songs are called Carolyn, Sigmund Freud would be interested in what you were reading into it!

Rose said...

Ah, the wisdom of children! I checked out your blog after you visited mine; I enjoy your writing and plan to visit often.
I'm new to this cyberworld of blogging, and I've been thrilled to hear from people all over the world, but especially Great Britain. I've "travelled" the moors and the countryside of England since I was a girl, through the Bronte sisters, Jane Austen,Wordsworth, and so many others.
Loved your post yesterday on "Girl Power."

Elizabeth said...

Loved your anecdote about school.
I have been subbing at the American School in Marrakech -doing kindergarten when I used to do high school kids.
The little children are so wonderful.

Casdok said...

Lol! But if course!!

VP said...

A lovely story :)

Thought I'd hop over to answer the question re spud peelings you left over at my place. How quickly do you want them to rot down? I find they're as quick as anything else in the compost heap as long as you've got the mix between green and brown waste right. Garden Organic have gots lots of info on composting if you want to explore further, otherwise do ask me agian if you want more info from me :)

Suburbia said...

Thanks Rose, I'm new too! Such a great way to travel, with Jane, Emily and Charlotte. (some of my favourites)

Elizabeth yes I usually work with the older ones but they're all great individuals.

Hi Casdok

Thanks VP I'll pass on the info re the mix. Small Sprog likes to pee on it (the compost heep) in the summer, maybe thats whats missing!

Liz said...

Well, obviously!

girl with the mask said...

A friends little sister was showing me one of those drinkable yoghurt drinks once, but instead of saying 'Bottle' she wasn't pronouncing her t's and was instead saying 'boddle'.

I said to her, "Emma, it is BOTTLE. Hasn't it got a t in it?"

She looked at me and said, "No, duh, it is YOGHURT, not tea".

Oh dear.

G.I.M x

the mother of this lot said...

Fancy you not knowing that!

Sandpiper said...

LOL How cute is that!? Great story. :)

this is my patch said...

Don't you just love 'em! x