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Friday, April 25, 2008

3 Things I Can't Explain To My Mum!

Today I was on a course. Four of us went from work, one of which was my good friend Rachel, who has been away for weeks with pneumonia. It was great to see her. She has been very ill and lost a lot of weight but slowly she is beginning to feel a little stronger which is good.

We learnt about how every one has their particular learning style either visual, auditory or kinasthetic. I was auditory, which explains why, when a new item has been purchased at home, I get Husband to read the instructions and then tell me what they are! I take information on board through listening. That is my preferred learning style. This must also account for my addiction to Radio 4!

Anyway, we all get on well as a team, both work wise and socially, and it was good to be out of the workplace. The women on the table next to me must have taken f*** all on board their tiny brains because they chatted amongst themselves most of the day, it was very distracting. (Oh no! I'm perilously close to another rant!)

Here is one of the activities we did. It is compulsory for you to try it now that you have read this far. The purpose of this (in context of the course) is to help you empathise with children who have learning difficulties therefore find it difficult to read, spell and write. (The purpose of this for my blog is just to amuse myself visualising you all wearing bits of paper on your forehead!) Here goes;

Find a sticky label and stick it to your forehead. Go to the pub with it on...ooops no, not that last bit, come back in again! Settle down somewhere comfy.....So you have a label on your head. Now write your name on the label while it is still on your forehead. (I know you can't see it, that's the point!) Use a felt tipped pen. Concentrate on writing really neatly now and make sure you get it right! Take the label off your head and see how well you've done! The effort and concentration you had to put into this exercise is equal to that of a dyslexic child trying to write, whilst looking at the page, on an average day.

Anyway enough of that schooly stuff. It was fun and we learnt lots.

I have been tagged by Böbø with this:

3 Things I Can't Explain To My Mum
(he managed to answer it in a minimalistic way that I'm not sure I'm cut out for but I shall try)

1. I can't seem to explain why she should NOT buy chickens from the supermarket that only cost about a quid!

2. I can't seem to explain to her why I can't go down the road to talk to my neighbor and tell her that if she doesn't address the small problem of NITS that her children have, I shall not let mine play with hers! (Yes it's 'nits r us' all over again and I know the neighbour is to blame for not ridding her children of nits ....ever..... and I know the chemicals to get rid of them cost a fortune, and I know if I use the chemicals, which are organophosphate sheep dip in disguise, their brains will go to mush. I know, I know)

I can't ever explain to her what happened between me and my stepfather. I just can't....alright?

Now it's done I have to Tag 3 more, so the lucky winners to be tagged are;

Mother of This Lot

Sam (how cruel his mum reads his blog!)

BS5 (the truth now!)

Have fun!!


Susan said...

Alright! I am excited to say that I didn't do so well writing my name on my forehead. Looks like I had been sitting at the pub drinking all week and tried to sign a bar tab. I am a visual learner~but my question is what kind of schooling are you doing? Have a Great Weekend!

Maggie May said...

That's a funny tag!
As regards Sam ........... He might keep you waiting! Should make interesting reading!

Dori said...

I cheated--I wrote my name backwards.

Ahhh...Van Morrison...enjoy!

the mother of this lot said...

Are you should you only want three? I could do a series to rival War and Peace in length on this one.

Rose said...

Since I am a visual learner I didn't actually try this experiment, I just visualized it. I knew I wouldn't be able to read it anyway. I was in a similar workshop some years ago, but the presenter used a reading passage written in a distorted way to get her point across.
Since I have been doing some substitute teaching this year, I've occasionally been in special ed classes (don't know the label used in the UK). I really enjoyed it! I would rather teach kids with some learning disabilities who try their best than kids who have the ability but are too lazy to try. (Now I could start a rant here...)

BS5 Blogger said...

Susan - nice experimental feedback. I think I will take post it notes to the pub and try it there with the chaps later.

Suburbia, thanks for the tag - on the case in a sec' after I have put shirts in the laundry!

Suburbia said...

Mother of this Lot.....Feel free to do as many as you need to!

Rose, we did the distorted reading passage too!

BS5, So domesticated, you'd make someone a lovely wife!

Dori, thats not cheating, lots of dyslexic people have trouble getting their letters the right way around!

Alison Boon said...

As a visual Kinaesthetic learner I need to see and do so I found your little experiment very hard.
I would send the women down the road a nice metal nit comb and a big bottle of conditioner. It may take hours but it really works.

Tootsie Farklepants said...

I don't know how much a quid is, but it's probably more than the dollar right now! And nits, GAH!!! Yikes!

Suburbia said...

Hi Alison, nice of you to call, come again. Yes I know it works but I just can't bring myself to risk the relationship.

A quid is a pound, and nits...just what I think!!

Böbø said...

Hiya, sorry for the free counselling delay. I've been finding myself in nature, as a Man amongst Men (whatever that means).

Anyhow. Where to begin. OMG! I can see that you're still struggling to break out of the daughter-mother dyad, so possibly dependency issues there, and may struggle with assertiveness and an appropriate level of Narcissism. And as for family secrets, well yes, enough said.

Now I'd like to recommend you now lay down, with a glass of something and think of angels and fairies, or firemen if you prefer. Alcohol-Induced Persisting Dementia is the way of the future.

Liz said...

I did wellish on the writing but I settled for Liz rather than Elizabeth. But it was slow and laborious.

Suburbia said...

Liz, shortening it is cheating!

Bobo....Mmmmm firemen...thanks for the thought!

Sam said...

I will rise to the challenge but it might take me a few days!

The Mighty Sam

Dragonstar said...


I just tried that forehead-writing thing (thought I'd better, as my 22yr old son is so severely dyslexic he uses reading and writing software on his computer - he blogs a bit though!)

First I stuck the label on my fringe (I did everything by touch!) Then I wrote over the edge of the label and ended with black marks on my face. I did actually manage an almost recognisable name - honest! Son sat and laughed!!!