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Friday, April 18, 2008

Desk top tag!

An eventful week!
A mention over at authorblog, a meme or two and an award!
Maggie May has tagged me AGAIN!

This time I have to show what is on my desk top.
However this is quite boring, especially
compared to The Mother of this Lot, who has a 'hunk' on hers!!
Anyway above is my desk top.
Mostly I like to have a soothing scene on it from a recent holiday.
This is a photo I took in Cornwall, a beautiful place called Priests Cove.
I have to pass this on
so as always

I shall have to think of some others later.
Oh and Rose has awarded me this:

Thanks Rose. I'm not sure I can pass it on to ten people
so will have a think.


Sandpiper said...

I think that's a beautiful scene! Congratulations on the award! Well done!

Rose said...

Suburbia, Catching up on reading blogs (had to work today), so several comments here. Love your new header--I keep thinking I want to revamp my whole layout, but never get around to it.

Yesterday's post was so funny! It brought back memories: I raised two boys (also with the man gene) and two girls, so dinner at our house was often chaotic. When son #2 was about 9, his grades took a sudden drop and we cut off his Atari (that tells you how long ago it was!). He was not very happy, but his grades did come up!

And as to the award--no pressure here; you don't have to pass it on if you don't want to. But congratulations anyway!

BS5 Blogger said...

Good morning to you, Suburbia!

Is that a new header picture at the top of your page? Chez vous?

What plans today with TG and SS and H?

Have a great Saturday.

Maggie May said...

I love your pebbles as I love the sea so much! Being near it, not in it.
Your header is fab.
Have a good weekend.

Fannie Mae said...

Came over to say thanks for stopping by!

Suburbia said...

Thanks Sandpiper and Rose.

BS5 it is the view from chez moi. H says if someone recognises it they'll sue!

I'm with you Maggie, just good to look at!

Welcome Fannie Mae

this is my patch said...

Well done, on your award for excellence! x