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Thursday, April 24, 2008

50 Today!

It's a big day for me today........this is my! Above, 50 cloths to mop up the debris....... rambling, pictures, misspellings (thank goodness for spell checkers), boring drivel, incorrect punctuation, over egged humor, rants, pants and other silliness! It's been great fun though and totally addictive (as I've said before).

During my fifty posts, I've met some interesting people that I would never have met in the 'real' world. That's what's so good about blogging, don't you think? You can make friends with people without the 'baggage'. All those judgemental bits that we do unconsciously are invisible here. No preconceived ideas, no prejudice. You are free to be what you want to be, or how you want to be. You can tell a little, a lot or nothing at all. And you can 'root' about in other peoples blogs, just like a pig looking for truffles! Mmmm all those extra bits on the side, where to go next? Which gadget to snuffle!! You can just spend hours having a little look about! 'Oh, I'll be up to bed in a few minutes'! In your dreams!!

Now I know a fiftieth post is a drop in the ocean to most of you but I feel I've made some friends in such a short time. Some have affected my life, in subtle ways. Maggie May's post about losing the stone from her mothers ring made me find and put on my own grandmothers ring again. The other day Rose posted about putting out her bird feeders. No ordinary birds though, not for us in the UK anyway, she was putting them out for humming birds! That small piece of news was so lovely to know and I shared it with the children. 'Wow', they said, 'humming birds!' And their imagination ran wild. If I hadn't started my blog we would never have had that conversation. We might never have imagined what it would be like to have humming birds in the garden.

Other people I have met have made me laugh out loud, sometimes quite a lot! (you know who you are!) and some things I have read have been sad or thought provoking. And then there are the comments: These are nifty little things. If only you could use them in 'real' life! They would be great for those moments when you walk away from a conversation thinking, 'I wish I had thought to say......' Because when you leave a comment you can compose it, not like a conversation. You can be sharp, witty even (well you can try!) and if it doesn't read right, you can delete it!

Fifty posts ago I had no idea about any of the people whose posts I read and the things they were doing. But now I feel I know them a little and have enjoyed finding out about their lives (I guess blogging is another way of just being nosey really?!) So what is the common thread? Communication, story telling, camaraderie? Why do you blog?

I have found that piece of me that would often like to speak up but sometimes is just not brave enough. It feels safe, this blogging thing, an anonymous everyday diary, written in the comfort of my own home. I can say what I like, almost! Well no one's going to read it are they?


BS5 Blogger said...

Beautiful post, Suburbia!

Happy half century. 50 posts and 50 x 50 x 50 smiles given around the planet, I am sure: thank you.

You make blogging a real daily treat for me, and I know others will agree! Great thoughts, lovely truffling and a lot of happy soul-searching by all of us who read MFS. Easy, safe and sincere days; edgy, dangerous, bad-hair days. Things shared, things cherished, things carried secretly to work, to breakfast, to bed, to the heart.

It's all delightful and free and necessary and harmless. We love blogging!

Hey, we'll always differ on the Tate Modern (which is sooo nearly an anagram of Random Tat, which it inescapably is) but I like your Blog and read it very often. I love the Small Sprog posts - they are my favourite, he sounds a top chap! Take him Bell Ringing!

Keep on going! Let's have a hundred.

BS5 :) x

PS: Does this constitute a 2nd 'Thoughtful Side of BS5' moment?
PPS: Stone and ring and Grandma. Wow!

Suburbia said...

Thanks BS5. My day would not be the same without a visit (or several!)to your place. I have no intention of stopping now, nor could I.
Small Sprog is noisy enough by himself without rinig gert big bells!!

More than thoughtful I think.

PS. Maggie's had a stone, my grandmothers ring is a plain gold band.

BS5 Blogger said...

Thank you! Small Sprog is the happy noise of your day, I am sure! Gert noisy is smart!

Noted on the wedding band - it was a lovely moment.

Really, really off to bed now - 22.59 is jolly late (more than thoughtful :) ) blogging for BS5!

girl with the mask said...

Congrats on your milestone! I haven't gotten that far yet...

As for 'why do we blog?' I think it is a noseiness thing. But like you say, all you get is support from everybody, not the judgmental stuff. I *heart* blogging! It is the one plave, I reckon, where the truth doesn't hurt.


Susan said...

Cogratulations! I am very near 50 posts and it is funny how many wonderful people I have met. I do love blogging because I don't feel I have to impress or dress. I can just be me! It has taken many years to be just me and in the blogging world if I am ruffled over things I can get it out to the cyber world and go on with it.

I also love the comments~so many times someone gives you a different angle to look at things and some times they give you a smile. I have met people from all over and I would never have been able to do it without a blog.

Congrats! Wishing you many more blogging days ahead!

Rose said...

Congratulations on your 50th post! That's very impressive considering we started blogging about the same time and I have written maybe 17. The first time I read one of your posts I was drawn in by your insight and clever way of telling about simple, everyday life. And I haven't stopped reading them since!
Glad your kids were intrigued by the hummingbirds; I'll have to try extra hard to get a picture of one when they arrive here.

Brett said...

Happy 50th, you don't look a post over 18, still fresh and exciting.

Böbø said...

Awww ♥ Suburbia ♥, 50 and seemingly not neurotic about it any way. Impressive. And using labels too - I think you can officially regard yourself as being comfortably in the Blogging groove. Welcome to the beautiful people!

As for me. I started blogging as place to show off (it's a man thing), but quickly learnt it was a place chums come to meet, natter, and share. And if many of them just happen to be gorgeous women, who is going to accuse me of being a bit of a flirt? Who?

Liz said...

Well, you can say what you like on your blog without worrying about me because I never read it.

And now I can't think of a clever way to say congratulations on your 50th post while maintaining my aloofness!

Ah well, congrats, and many more! Blogging is very educational - in a nice way - and totally addictive. For me, it's a place to empty my brain. Can you tell? The big sort of mauvey splurge that covers it.

BS5 Blogger said...

Bobo: you the man! This may incur a Suburbia *shout* but hey ho!

Blogging: you have it sussed, Sir.

Ooohhhhhhh, as I post: Tongy has just dropped a fabulous line of thoughtful house with a thread of Kraftwerk blending in in a 4:4, tunes, happy thoughts and coffee. Come on!

Okay, off to craft a line in BS5

Sub': Lovin' the warmth for your fifty.

Suburbia said...

GWTM, yes I agree and thanks.

Susan I have enjoyed visisting you, hopw you enjoy your 50th as much as I have!

Rose , pictures would be lovely

Thanks Brett. Exciting??!

Bobo, Nurotic, moi?
Blogging is good for flirting.....and if you are insinuating I am 50 in years I shall refuse to do your tag!!

Liz, I love mauvey splurges!

Hmmm, BS5, surely you don't flirt too, do you?!!
Have you finished that post yet? I coming around in a minute!(best teacher voice)

BS5 Blogger said...

The post is up, Suburbia! And yes, I flirt now and again!

Suburbia said...

BS5 I would NEVER have guessed!
Read it and am still laughing.

the mother of this lot said...

Congratulations on your 50th post! And you're right - who'd want to read the drivel we keep churning out?!

Suburbia said...

Mother of This Lot......I like your drivel though?!

Jules said...

Yay for fifty. You go girl!
And I love your painted pale pink primroses. Isn't spring wonderful?

Have you checked on your garden recently? I hear that little furry and feathered visitors love it.

this is my patch said...

Well done for reaching the grand old age of 50 posts! I started off my garden blog just for myself to plot down all that was happening in my garden, although I was secretely hoping someone would notice me and leave a comment, that was last autumn. Since then I have made so many friends on both my blogs, some have the same interests as me, and some have a sense of humour like me, and every now and again I think some are me! I really like your posts and look forward to the next 50. x

Suburbia said...

Thanks a lot Jules and My Patch.

Mean Mom said...

Congratulations on reaching your fiftieth! I'm not sure I will ever get that far!

Do you know, I have to keep biting my tongue, because I keep wanting to mention to my friends and family, all sorts of things that I have read about whilst blogging. You know, almost as if it's all real!

Blogging is great. You are centre stage and no-one else can get a word in! I wonder if I could stretch this into a post? I will mention you, as my inspiration, if I can!!