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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Only a mother could love him!

Our day out yesterday seemed to go pleasantly on forever. We walked, talked and picnicked in the sun. The younger children took off their wellies and socks and paddled about in muddy puddles, hands went in too. I relish the way they are free to play like this. The older two strutted about a bit, as is their pre teenage way, they too would have paddled in muddy pools, once.

Later we bonded over the dining table, 8 of us happily eating together, no formalities, no pretence, confident in
each others company.

By the time Tall Girl, Small Sprog and I returned home it was dark and I couldn't wait to get Small Sprog in the bath to scrub off the mud. There is a certain joy, from a mothers point of view, of having a clean Small Sprog! Once clean and out though, he was off and looking for fun. It was nearly bedtime but I did have one thing waiting to do with him. I produced two yogurt pots and some string. He smiled gleefully, he'd been asking to do
this for ages, we made holes and attached the string.

His face lit up when it worked, string stretched tightly, him in the hall and me in the kitchen. We played for a while, then suddenly he said
"Just a minute"
"What's the matter" I asked, and then I realised.
He put his yogurt pot on his bottom and farted into it!
Can you believe it? A massive great big one.
And do you know what? It resounded in my ear as
though I was right next to him. Lovely. I suspect he's
been planning that all along.


Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

awh! its the little things...small wonders, big farts!! tee hee

Maggie May said...

Oh how lovely! I don't mean the farting but the naturalness of it all!
Treasured memories indeed.

Nuts in May

Tracey said...

Seems you had a great day yesterday, just like me infact although no one farted in a yogurt pot in my home.. phew!! hahaha

BS5 Blogger said...

Go Small Sprog! Brilliant stuff.

French Fancy said...

Now that's something that I never saw coming!


Akelamalu said...

Boys!!! LOL

Steve said...

Fantastic. Tell him if he can work out a way to carry the smell from one cup to the other as well I shall nominate him for a Nobel Prize.

nick said...

I hope you gave him a very stern warning about his contribution to global warming....

Furtheron said...


Chic Mama said...

Boys!!!! ;0)

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Oh how fantastic! Small boys and many Glaswegians love loud farts! As long as he knows it's not something you do as a rule but to be kept at home for those moments of absolute hilarity then go boy go! He should be encouraged at all times to try out his wonderous jape to all unsuspecting visitors over the festive season! Brilliant.