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Friday, October 16, 2009

TG and me

Tall Girl made Guacamole tonight to go with Fajitas for dinner. She is quite adept in the kitchen now, and can follow a simple recipe without help or fuss. She's even got over her fear of sharp knives! I like having her company in the kitchen, we have fun.

She didn't even moan tonight when the onions made her eyes water, though it made quite a mess of her mascara! Gosh, mascara on a Friday night on MSN. I fear there is a boy involved!

Anyway, as she was whizzing up the ingredients in the mini food processor, I was suddenly taken aback. It only seems like yesterday that I went to buy the mini processor, bought especially to liquidise her baby food, all lovingly home cooked and mashed to a pulp just for her. I was barely a mother then, practicing on her, my first born, and not always getting it right. I'm sure her fussiness with food is because I liquidised everything for far too long!

And here I am still practising, yet there she is, so confident and full of youth and promise.


Elizabeth said...

What a lovely mother and daughter story.
Yesterday I heard from my friend Judy who I met at ante natal classes. Her son Nicholas's wife just had a baby.
Bobby and Nicholas were born a week apart.
Bobby's wife's baby is due in Jan.
Just shows how time flies and how we should keep in touch with our old friends!!

Maggie May said...

You must have done something right because she sounds such a lovely girl!
Helpful too.

Nuts in May

Rose said...

Another reason you're such a good mother, Suburbia! I never took the time to really teach my children how to cook. My sons and older daughter both taught themselves, but the youngest thinks "cooking" means driving through the nearest take-out place:)

Hope you're feeling better! I'm debating whether to get a swine flu shot; I've read that people over a certain age may be immune to it. There has to be some advantage to getting older:)

Chic Mama said...

I know exactly what you mean. It seems like yesterday I was doing the same for my son fifteen years ago, and yet I'm still learning. Scary isn't it.
There is an award for you on my blog

BS5 Blogger said...

What an eloquent (not elephant) blogger you are!

Can we have a picture of the mini processor, please?

Steve said...

Sounds like a real bonding moment - one to treasure.

Gloria said...

Doesn't time fly! I look around my home now and I can see a bead curtain I bought from Argos more than 30 years ago when my son was a toddler. He's a 6ft man now. Not long ago he came to visit, we live in the mountains of Andalucia, Spain, ex pats from London, and he noticed the wall mirror missing and wanted to know where it was. I told him I had thrown it out, it was soooo old. He was very upset. He told me how every time he saw the mirror it reminded him of how he used to glance at it as it hung beside the front door every day as he left for school. I had no clue he would even notice it missing!! Your post brought back this and other sweet memories. Maybe I'll do a similar posting. I'll be back to read more, after I've completed the housewifely duties!!! Off to follow:)

Carol said...

You know, that is something that will never change as she grows up!!

I still love cooking with my Mum....we chat, listen to music and drink wine....and then we get to eat!! (what's not to love :-))

C x

Reasons said...

I know! Tell me about it! My eldest is 16 tomorrow and has spent the last two hours getting ready to go to a party. Help!

Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

I have been doin a lot of precious "three", are all away from me now.

I recall so many happy days with them, like this post of yours, and also so unhappy ones, just some stressful times, however,

I have made a wonderful discovery, my youngest boy is 21 (oh and I was a child bride and a young mother....) ( actually by today's standards I was!!!!) and my eldest of my triple squad is happily 30.

But the thing I have discovered is, the Best Time Is Now.

Nothing more and nothing less.

Your friend, who is probably and rather sadly logged in as her dog.

Letty x

Furtheron said...

my daughter is a genius in the kitchen - she often makes stuff herself, baking esp but her Chow Mein is brilliant so she often helps me with the Chinese...

... oh there probably is a boy involved.... :-) I'm still practising on that one