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Friday, January 22, 2010

The Party

If you can grade the enjoyability level of a small boys party by the amount of sweatiness, and stickiness achieved, then I'd say tonight was a huge success! Ooooh was he sweaty!?

It often feels quite odd having a party at a venue other than home, I feel a bit 'once removed' from it, no preparation, no food to shop for, no worrying about what to eat, drink or do, no stress whatsoever in fact! Tall Girls parties are often at home, but boys need more activity and space than home can provide, and seeing as he was not born during clement weather, a party venue seems the logical choice.

This one was fairly extravagant. He chose it and I know that when we are all living separately we will not be able to afford such extravagance, so I decided that this year, double figures no less, we'd go for it.

Now they say you only get what you pay for and I have to say the service was perfect. We had a member of staff designated to us, Max his name was, and he was the nicest most helpful person you could wish to meet. He was great with all the children and nothing was too much trouble. They played in a massive warehouse type place for an hour, ate for half an hour and then did 'Laser Quest' for the last 45 mins. Max organised them into teams and played with them, during one round it was all of the children against him, he was amazing. At one point he said to me that he didn't know how people coped with being parents. I think that was after he had run several laps whilst being shot at! I replied that he was making a much better job of it than I was, as he was the one playing with them and I was not. . .

So, seeing as our personal circumstances are so precarious, and not conducive to a party atmosphere, this was just the best place to be. All the children seemed to have a great time apart from one, who felt sick. There's always one!

Mother of two boys stayed the whole time with me. She was there early, even before we arrived and was the last to leave with me. I thanked her for her support at the end, I don't think she will ever realise how much it meant for me to have her there. I know it sounds silly but I felt protected and less exposed.

One other thing will stick in my mind though. As we left the house for the party, I opened my car door and the children got in, my two and one of Small Sprogs friends from school. It was natural that they all got into my car, we had not long got out of it after the school run, and had only gone in to change and have a snack, so when Husband followed us out of the house and said 'Shall we all go in your car?' it took me by surprise. The thought hadn't occurred to me, in fact I thought he was going to the venue straight from work.
'I don't think so' I replied. I really didn't want him that near physically.
'Tall Girl can squeeze in the back' He insisted
'It's too uncomfortable' she quickly retorted and shut her door.

I was surprised. Was she protecting me? Or did she really not want to share the back seat with her brother and friend?! Whichever it was, she wasn't slow in making herself clear. We travelled separately to and from the venue. Now I only have Small Sprogs actual birthday to get through.

Happy Birthday for Saturday Small Sprog
Love from Mummy x


Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

SUb, l'm so glad you posted as l was wondering how it all went..and well it went too, sounds like....good for you, tall girl and happy birthday to the wee lad...

saz x

French Fancy said...

Oh the party sounded tremendous fun and hurrah for Max. I'm with him on the wondering how people cope with being parents. I find it hard enough to deal with being an adult sometimes.

As for the uncomfy moment re 'which car' - you are bound to have these happening from time to time and they will shake you up. Just remember though that you have SO, two lovely children and all of us - we'll all get you through it. Just keep letting it out on here to try and stop it festering inside your head


Chic Mama said...

Your friend sounds lovely and I know exactly what you mean about being protected. I know the exposed feeling very well. Hope today is not too hard for you. X

nick said...

Glad the party went so well. I'm with Max on wondering how parents cope, the non-stop demands must be quite a strain sometimes!

Carol said...

I was thinking of you wondering how you were getting on!! I'm so glad that it wasn't as bad as you thought it would be!!

Happy Birthday Small Sprog

C x

Rose said...

Happy Birthday to Small Sprog! Sounds like the party was a big success--I found having my sons' birthday parties somewhere else was always the best idea. One or two boys running through your house is one thing, but a whole pack of them? No way! Better to let them run wild some place that can entertain them. Your friend sounds wonderful; she was a dear to stay with you the whole time.
Hope the rest of the weekend goes as well for you.

Suburbia said...

Thanks to all of you. Today was tolerable, tomorrow we face the mammoth pile of homework!

Hadriana's Treasures said...

Glad the party went well...not just for small sprog but for you also. I remember that feeling of being/feeling exposed when I was single. Good on your mum and your friend! Hx

Hullaballoo said...

Suburbia, you are so loved, by your friends, your family, your kids and your fellow bloggers. I am so pleased it went well and happy birthday to your darling wee son....and tall girl rocks, go her!


the eternal worrier said...

I’m glad it went ok (Happy B Day Sprog!) I think I hate all the post break-up politics the most out of the whole situation. How are we supposed to act or feel during these events?
After all it’s about the kids, isn’t it?

I had a situation the weekend as its little K’s Birthday tomorrow. He had a party at his Nans (didn’t get invited) which is ok but my time this weekend with him was changed to 3 hours on Saturday morning (before the party). That was ok but I had sort of arranged a little get together here for today (Sunday) which is when I normally have him.
I know K is my Grandson but my Ex-Wife still has a huge influence over when I see him.

Post Break-Up Politics... We should write a book perhaps?

PS. I remember you blogging about Sprogs BDay last year and that makes me feel 'Blog Old.'

Starnitesky said...

Happy birthday to SS. I am glad the party went well.

Good luck for tomorrow, I hope it is not too awful for you.

Furtheron said...

As ours got older we went with the party venue idea - I think the last one at home I was washing up with industrial ear defenders on when the Mums started to come to collect :-)

Now they are older generally it is all much smaller affairs, well my son just goes to the pub with his mates now.

Letty - A Little Girl With A Curl said...

bitter sweet post. Happy Birthday to Small Sprog!

I have been very lax in posting on mine, the screen stares at me blankly, perhaps I have blogger's block or something!

I am sure it will come back, in fact reading this, I think it has!

Letty x