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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Mum has a new phone...

Mum has a new phone. Oh joy. I have been on stand by over the last week or so to sort out the various 'glitches' in usage. No she doesn't have an iPhone, nope, it's just a bog standard £10 phone, but to her, it's a whole new ball game.

To be fair it has been mostly Tall Girl who has been her technical support through most of the journey, but today it was my turn "When I put in 'mum' "she says puzzled, "it reads nun."
"Yes" I reply "That's the predictive text. You know? You just have to scroll down to the other options and you'll find the word you want"
"You know, just like your other phone?"
She looks a bit blank.
"There's 3 letters isn't there, for each number? You can make lots of words from the same keys, like 'home', 'good' and 'gone'."
There was a spark of recognition. Fab I thought, we're getting somewhere. Then she said "Oh yes, I had those words on my old phone too..."

Sometimes she's so cute!


ewix said...

Yes, I think there should be an old geezer phone
for antiques like me.....
Re your post below........yes, well I have got to be 60 but feel about 8 still. Hmmm.
Oe really never knows how life will turn out.
Do hope all is well with all of you!

Maggie May said...

I hate getting a new phone because the old one seems so familiar and new ones are NEVER the same.
When you think of it, there has been such a lot of technology invented, that I never had when I was young, it is amazing that I can even attempt texting or anything because it was so alien to me.
Glad I can do basic things on it though now. Bet your Mum feels the same.

Nuts in May

Steve said...

Technology and parents = fun and frequently raised eyebrows.

Furtheron said...

Frigteningly I think I'm heading to this stage of my life though!!!

You can't imagine how many times I tried to add up about 10 figures with a calculator last night and got numerous different answers... I had to dictate the numbers to Mrs F in the end!!!


Rose said...

This is so funny, Suburbia; reminds me of helping my own mother with her phone. While my father was in the hospital, Mom depended on her cell phone a lot. I had to set up voice mail for her, though, and show her how to retrieve it. Of course, I shouldn't talk---it was my daughter who had to teach me how to text:)