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Friday, December 03, 2010


Saying goodnight to Small Sprog tonight we chatted about friendship and what a great thing it is.
"You cannot be my friend though" He said to me
"Oh" I said a little hurt "I'd like to be"
"Well you can't be" He said "Because you're a loved one" He was so matter a fact.

I am more than content with that though, 'A Loved One'. Who could ask for more?


Steve said...

If there is a hierarchy (and plainly there is) A Loved One surely comes right at the top?

Saz said...

my son told me yesterday that when the divorce comes through

' can really mingle mum!'

bless his cotton black socks..
saz x

lots of luv sub...
l am breathing deeply..

mrsnesbitt said...

How lovely

Maggie May said...

No, you can't better being a loved one!
Maggie X

Nuts in May

nick said...

Yes, a loved one is way above friend, so you're doing just fine. All you need now is to be an extra specially loved one.

I see the snow in Bristol is so heavy it's infiltrated your blog....

Furtheron said...

Loved one is the highest accolade anyone could ask for surely. Bless him

Kitty said...

I am of the opinion that a parent shouldn't be a friend - not in the true sense anyway. I'm sure that your Small Sprog loves you very, very much - and that's fantastic. x

Rob-bear said...

Your Small Sprog keeps coming up with one wise thought after the next. Talk about having a brilliant son!