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Friday, April 10, 2009

Au revoir

I had breakfast in a jar on Wednesday, well it was a second breakfast really, I forked it out of the container and into my mouth, in large dollops, when I arrived home from platform 7. Yes, I know this all sounds odd, in fact it was very odd. No one in the world has ever brandished a jam jar full of Bubble and Squeak at me in a train station before (it was still warm). It was a going away present. This isn't making sense is it? You sort of had to be there to appreciate the event. Anyway, suffice to say, it was delicious and although I was carrying something fairly unidentifiable stuffed into a jar, I didn't get arrested trying to leave the platform with it hidden about my person!


nick said...

Goodness, for a moment there I thought you meant Au Revoir to your blog. Which would be a terrible tragedy. Never had a jar of bubble and squeak, I have to admit. There's obviously a little story behind this unusual offering, I wonder if all will be revealed?

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

Sounds like a lovely send off!?

FFF xx

Dori said...

By way of Suburbia and Google I have learned something new today! Though I have to admit...the dish does sound sort of kin to one of my own kitchen disasters. Which certain members of this household have declared could actually be used as a Weapon of Mass Destruction.

Jennysmith said...

Bubble and squeak, Sub? do you know i've never had that! Hope it was nice (intriguing!).

Just looked at your last post, you have met someone. Gosh, Sub, thats great. Tell us more when you're ready xxx

the eternal worrier said...

I’m confused, please tell more!! I love bubble & squeak... but in a jam-jar, at train station? What’s going on woman?

Liz said...

Sounds super. Especially if it's made with love.

MissKris said...

Just out of do you get your signature to post at the end of your blog??

BS5 Blogger said...

Wow - like Nick, I thought it was Au Revoir to your Blog too....Phew!

Now which part of that jar would be squeaking?

Steve said...

What a fantastic marketing idea! Bubble & squeak in a jar! Other themes could be introduced: egg and chips in a jar, Sunday roast in a jar... or even beef and ale pie in a jar! Someone could make a fortune!

Furtheron said...

Is is illegal to carry Bubble and Squeak in a jar, or concealed on your person, or on public transport... with all these new anti-terror laws who knows. My son and I were nearly arrested in London for taking a picture of a bus, apparantly according the hordes of secrurity guards it isn't allowed any more... I'd rather they were searching the people with backpacks rather than arguing with me for 20mins really.

McBöbø said...

I've suddenly come over all Brief Encounter. If only Laura and that nice Dr Alec had done it differently.

Here's how it should of gone:

Dr. Alec Harvey: I love you. I love your wide eyes, the way you smile, your shyness, and the way you laugh at my jokes.

Laura Jesson: [whimpers] Please don't.

Dr. Alec Harvey: I love you. I love you. You love me too. It's no use pretending it hasn't happened cause it has.

Laura Jesson: Yes it has. I don't want to pretend anything either to you or to anyone else. But from now on, I shall have to. That's what's wrong. Don't you see? That's what spoils everything. That's why we must stop, here and now, talking like this. We're neither of us free to love each other. There's too much in the way. There's still time, if we control ourselves and behave like sensible human beings. There's still time.
[She is overcome with tears]

Dr. Alec Harvey: But what if I gave you this warm jar of Bubble & Squeak?

Laura Jesson: Oh, bugger! Then I'll be utterly undone, and love you forever!!! Sod Fred and his 'You've been a long way away' - I'm off with you, darling heart.

You see, Suburbia, you see?

PS: Hellos and Good Byes at Railways are such bitter-sweet romance.

Rose said...

I'm like Nick--I was a little worried by this title:) I've never had "bubble and squeak" before, but it must have been delicious the way you describe it.

Wishing you a happy Easter! Does the Easter Bunny come to your house, too?

Polly said...

So long as it was delish who cares what anyone else thinks!!

Anonymous said...

How thoughtful,