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Friday, April 17, 2009

Well you did ask!

Apparently I need to 'enlarge' on the conversation with Small Sprog yesterday:
"What would happen if you had sex with a nit?" (I don't think he meant me personally) Whatever goes on in that boys mind?
 "Well, I think they are a bit small for that" I say
"No, a GIANT nit!"
"Oh" the mind boggles. "I just don't think it would work sweetheart"!
Thank goodness that satisfied him.

Another conversation from yesterday:
Mum: "What is Tall Girls favourite meal?"
Me: "Wraps"
Mum: "Rats?!"
Me:"No mum........

On a similar theme, having taught mum to text, she is doing very well. This morning I was woken by her replying to a text I'd sent yesterday afternoon - she will keep turning her phone off! I replied back, blearily, saying thank you, and that it was raining. She chirpily texted back that it was raining there too and that she was about to get into the bath!

Now that is the funny thing about texting isn't it? She would never have phoned to say "It's raining and I'm about to have a bath!" But texting that sort of information seems perfectly normal, and in a way, I like it much more because of that.

However, a while later she texted again. This is what it said:
Dad has seen a very rare sight (she is referring to my step father here), two robins having sex on the bird table. It made her hungry, ha ha! Mum.
Can you believe it?!! Text savvy for less than 24 hours and that's the sort of thing she's sending me!

What was your last text message about?


Elizabeth said...

Don't know how to text.
Do not have a cell phone.
I live in the Dark Ages.......!

Re said...

Er haven't switched my phone on in days now so it probably says I've missed calls!

Maggie May said...

Thank Small Sprog for making me laugh!

Texting is great!
Glad your Mum has learnt the art, though you may wish she hadn't if she is texting non stop!

My last text was to say to my daughter we were just about to pull out of Victoria coach station!
No it wasn't! I was asking if my friend was still up for a visit this afternoon & she replied, yes. I am also going out for a meal with work mates tonight.
Last day of the holiday *sigh*

Akelamalu said...

Kids don't have any trouble at all with technology do they?

My last text message was to my brother to say my Dad has been taken into to hospital.

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

my last rtext was in response to my daughters' twlling me they would all be home at noon. I had expected them around 5 pm . I was gutted. Unfortunately I texted back.

Oh really, why so early?

perhaps not the wisest of moves Saz!

nick said...

I don't often use my mobile but as it happens I used it last night to text Jenny in Cardiff (she's at a conference) and wish her sweet dreams!

Steve said...

Bird watching or avian voyeurism?! ;-)

Working mum said...

I like the rats conversation. Reminds me of my grandmother when I asked for Tiramisu in a restaurant and she said, "What's she having? Tin of soup?"

Liz said...

iT MADE THE ROBIN HUNGRY? whoops! What a great thing to text. Your mum has made great leaps into the texting world. It would have taken me two days to text that much.

Imagine giant lice! Half louse half human. Actually there are some people who fit that description!

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

That's so funny! I hadn't realized it or thought about it before, really, but you're right, we text things we'd never call about.


Birds have sex? I had no idea, I thought they just did the egg thing. Huh.

Last text conversation was with Mr. Black, who traveled with me to Europe. We are working on a convention together and I am stopping by his house to help take things and people and like that.

Hope all is well with you, and your funny little sprog and tall girl.


Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Fabric and Bags said...

Just found your blog, very interesting and witty - I'll be back!


sally in norfolk said...

Enjoy reading your last text message was to my boyfriend who is in costa rica travelling and doing a spanish class on the beach... he had a test i wished him good luck and sent all my love too :-) shame it costs too much too text back :-(

Rose said...

I'm still thinking about breeding between a human and a nit:) I'd like to watch Small Sprog's brain work for awhile.

I'm not big into texting--takes me forever to write a message! But it does come in handy when you don't want to bother someone in a call. Youngest daughter usually texts me in the evening to find out if I'm cooking dinner--if she doesn't like what we're having, she picks up fast food for herself!

Mean Mom said...

OK. I confess that I had sex with the odd nit before I met my husband. Then, there was the odd louse, of course.

mothership said...

last text was to ask STUPID BUSINESS MANAGER at my UK bank why she was not returning my calls or sending me my money. It went unheeded. AGHHH! Have just written long (reasonably entertaining, promise) post about this.
I have just discovered you through British Mummy Bloggers. Will keep on visiting.

the eternal worrier said...

Sex with a giant Nit!!!! That’s a horror film in the making. I’ll pass on the rats for lunch.

The Dotterel said...

You'll have to get her on to Twitter!

MikeH said...

Sheesh, the things people send! Makes me glad I don't text ;)

Reasons to be Cheerful 1,2,3 said...

I have a friend who either can't use predictive texting or needs glasses. I don't have a clue what she's on about half the time. Not sure how to tell her!

Kitty said...

My last text was from No.2's footie coach saying he's been picked for the tournament next weekend. Yay! x

Furtheron said...

Inbox... my daughter's computer being back up and running after she had had a problem I'd had to do remote telephone support on... and again remember not to get angry with our folks at work, it's bloody hard work.

Outbox... telling my wife what the kids had bought at the outlet centre whilst we were eating lunch and she was heading for an afternoon of debauchery with "the girls" at a wine bar somewhere

starnitesky said...

My last text was from my daughter asking me to book their car in for a MOT - not very exciting!

BTW the photo of Bristol I posted was taken just off of Whiteladies Road, I was there taking photographs of empty shops for my photography assignment.

Letty - A Little Girl With A Curl said...

ha ha ha! She is getting very clever with her texting it seems!

My last text message.........."just about to go through passport control but it may be some time........"

450 of us got off the plane at an international airport here in UK, and only one person on Passport duty!

They seemed surprised a large plane had landed in the middle of the afternoon...................

Letty ;0)